Andy Struksha and DJ 2Buck

Andy Struksha Interview /// 2004

G Force (G): It has been a rather big few months for you Andy. The release of you solo album Andy Social and now featuring on the Culture Of Kings Three compilation. Is it a relief to have it all out there now?

Andy Struksha (A): Absolutely. Big learning experience, and it’s good to have it out the way so I can focus on new projects.

G: The Andy Social album, how long had it been in the works for?

A: started the first track around 98

G: The album has a very relaxed vibe to it, both musically and lyrically. Where do you draw your inspirations from as both an emcee and a producer?

A: lotta jazz joints…

G: The artists that you have worked with on the album, Scarz on 45 in particular Troy, Delta, J-Red, Pegz, DJ FX. How did these collaborations come about, simply friends or other means?

A: simply friends….I’ve been blessed with having good friends.

G: How did the Culture of Kings track come about? In particular working with Jolz, as a producer is he someone you admired and wanted to work with?

A: jolz is a thorough professional..pleasure to work with…knows his way round the lab…

G: Back to your solo album, a few people have critisced the length. Why didn’t you go for a longer release?

A: ahh..debut..i’d rather release somethin short and i’m happy with than some long winded ish that drags on bottom line

G: You also featured on the classic album Obesecity. How did your relation with the Obese family come about?

A: when i moved from adelaide Shazlik 1 was one of the first heads I met he introduced me to some lads and made me feel at home.

G: You are in Adelaide and Melbourne regularly, are there many differences between the scene in the two cities?

A: These days it’s like a $60 virgin blue ticket.

G: Seeing two of the largest states for Australian Hip Hop regularly, who are you feeling at the moment, be it up and comers or established artists both production and emcee wise?

A: Most hip hop stuff I’m hearing.. it’s just from my circle of friends. To be straight with ya.. im listening to a lot of jazz\funk type stuff at the moment and a lot earlier 90’s OZ hip hop type stuff.

G: You recently opened for Kool Keith as well, what was that like and is Keith an odd fella?

A: Yeah.. something nice to have on the resume I guess.. And.. “is he odd” no comment.

G: What can people look forward to from yourself, more touring, future collaborations etc?

A: Have a 12 inch due out this year with Delta, Lazy Grey and Jolz. Couple of other projects i will keep dark for the time being… but expect to hear some more hypertype flavours.

G: Thank-you for your time, any final words for the people?

A: Pleasure.. Easy

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