OZHH: You performed last year at Stand Up Hip Hop 2013, what was the show like and what made you want to perform again this year?

Stand Up was really well run last year and we enjoyed it, Dwiz and Gil throw a good party so we’re back at it again. We were actually a last minute addition after another group pulled out. I was buying a ticket regardless because for me personally I’m a fan and that line-up is the perfect night of local rap music. It’s a really crazy bill and we’re stoked to be involved but getting Trem, Brad and all of HG together was a coup, D-Trix also, that shit had me running for tickets

OZHH: The Brisbane / QLD scene seems to be solid at the moment from an outsiders perspective, can you give us a bit of insight to the inner workings in QLD, are you collaborating and working with people outside of your crew, is it a supportive community for upcoming MCs?

It’s always been a far more insular scene for some reason, maybe it’s a geographic thing but I can’t pick it. It’s lead a lot of us to focus more on our backyard, our local fan-base. It’s the old Too-Short method of building it real solid locally first and then watching it catch on nationally. 10 years ago it all centred around 5 or 6 groups and while I wouldn’t say it’s flourished since then it has certainly grown, dudes are doing there thing up here at the moment. A lot of us are doing things collectively, we just recently recorded a posse cut with Kings Konekted, Gaz Hazard and Johnny Rowe from Townsville. There’s a lot of things in the works at the moment.

OZHH: The line up this year is pretty epic, with Trem One especially coming out of live show hibernation, but there’s also a great line up of younger and up-coming crew, who should we be on the look out for?

It’s a steller line-up, some Fresh Fest ’87 shit… There’s a huge contribution from the local scene as well, Doomsday Dreamers and Rytaz Reign, Kawz and Koz are from the sunshine coast I’m pretty sure but they’ve been doing there thing as well. Countless dudes, it’s a testament to whats bubbling up here at the moment. Big-ups to Dwiz who’s been looking out for crews and individuals for a while, always giving the next generation a good platform to launch off. Shouts to Exit Strategy and Triple 3 as well who I think are leading a charge also. My man Gaz Hazard is the MC out of Brisbane you need to hear, Donny and Culprit are my favorite MC’s up here but Gaz is on his grind, it’s a passion for him and I like that. He’s gunna be the Australian Blaq Poet.

OZHH: You’ve recently been a part of the epic short film / musical Kold Heat, what was that experience like working on a more stylised film rather than a music video clip, did you enjoy the “acting” experience and can we expect anything more from the Pigman and friends to be on our screens soon? 

Yeah that was a crazy experience, it was three very long days of filming but it’s a testament to Heata and Josh’s experience and dedication. I went into it with the attitude it was going to be a big party like some of our other vidoes have been, that was a mistake because the logistics of what we all had to do were immense. I didn’t take to the acting myself but Lazy and Proof were better than the cast of Home And Away, they killed it. Heata, Josh, Dcide and Lazy were the driving force behind the entire thing, it was an unbelievable amount of work and a huge achievement.

OZHH: What’s next for you and the crew? 

We’re about to start fucking faces, its as simple as that. We’ve got some amazing product dropping this year with the Kold Heat album being the first thing. That’ll be Lazy’s first release since 2009 and our’s since Commercial Hell and it’s ridiculous, I wanna put this shit out now! SussOne is coming also and he’s on another ’nother level, intrinsic wordplay and a fuckin good dude, he’s about to rep Brisbane and Konekt Game hard. Suss definitely has next, he’s putting in a lot of work at the moment. On top of all that me and Proof are working on a 12 with Bigfoot which is nearing completion also, we’ll let you know more about that soon…

See you’s at Stand Up!

OZHH: Thanks for your time mate much appreciated.  

Not at all… Cheers.

15th FEB 2014 at The Hi-Fi Brisbane

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