National Hip Hop Gig Guide /// VICTORIA

We know, it’s been forever and a day, but we’ve finally got our shit together and found a dope system for Australia’s only dedicated National Hip Hop Gig Guide.

We’ve just chucked up Victoria for the minute, with Queensland to follow tomorrow, and the rest of Australia to happen within the week.

We’re sick of looking at Facebook and seeing complaints about gigs missed due to lack of promotion, etc. It’s absolutely free for promoters to post their events on our gig guide, and in case they are slacking, we scour the street for events ourselves, and if you the hip hop head wants to do us a solid, you can always use the “Submit a Gig” area to let us know about something that’s coming up!

No more excuses. Except for rent, bills, car troubles, gettin’ ripped off, wax addiction, etc.