Shaking it Up and Causing a Dazastah on Field /// Robert Hunter Cup Interview

With the third and final Robert Hunter Cup kicking off on Saturday, Dylan Toune spoke to two of the Westside Warriors heads about some of their favourite memories, the Warriors Mixtape and how keen they are to get a game back on the ledger against the Eastside Kings at Hunter’s old stomping ground.

Rob Shaker on the Robert Hunter Cup

Dylan T: How did the mixtape idea come about?

Rob Shaker: Funnily enough it was old mate LJ Krooker owner of OzHipHop.Com who suggested it. Well to be fair, it was suggested by a few 3 years ago leading up to the first RHC and again last year, but what was different this year is that we had to form a legitimate club as an incorporation. This is so we could find a ground to train on and pay insurance for the players etc etc. As a result I was nominated to be on the committee and it was my job to do these type of things. I was in the mood to get things going when it was suggested again by LJ. I fielded the idea to the other guys in the team and all were keen so it was just a matter of submitting tracks. We also started doing a posse cut which is yet to be completed, but the idea was adapted into the intro which Dazastah and myself feature on. I gave the whole thing a quick mix and just over a week later it was done. The deadline was the day that the Make-A-Wish teams were created so that we could link anyone who donated to the Warriors Make-A-Wish team as a kind of reward. You can still get a copy by donating here:

 D: The Hunter Cup has been fantastic at bringing the Australian hip-hop community together and remembering the legacy of one of its great figures. The line-up on the mixtape is a testament to that, I feel. Was it easy to get everyone on board?

RS: Yeah it was really easy actually. This year the Warriors have a level of passion that is ten fold that of previous years. Don’t get me wrong we’ve always been super keen to do anything associated with the cup, but seeing as it’s the last year of the RHC as well as us being down on the score board 0 – 2, we are out for blood this year, and that has carried through to all things relating to the cup including the off field stuff like the mixtape. We’ve all been brainstorming on how we could help out and spreading word of the cup when ever we could and the mixy was all part of it.

D: What are some of your favourite and most endearing memories of being involved in the RHC?

In my opinion, the three best things that the RHC has done are:

1) Honour the memory of our mate Robert Hunter and carry on his legacy of hip hop, footy and good mates.

2) Raise over $70,000 to date to help sick kids for Make-A-Wish as well as the money and awareness raised for the Cancer Foundation.

3) Bring a bunch of hip hop dudes together as well as some of Rob’s closest mates to have a bit of a run and get some exercise for a great cause and help further unite a scene.

My favourite moments of the RHC would have to be:

1) The Robert Hunter Chant led by Optamus at the end of both matches with Laura and Marley in the middle of a giant circle formed by both teams. Very surreal moment.

2) The first RHC gig with the SBX showcase was intense. So much dopeness on stage by all acts, but the posse set at the end in particular was next level. One of those gigs where you’re scared to blink.

3) Both epic after parties! Last year I broke 2 of my ribs during the last quarter and the options were go to the hospital or kick on and self medicate. The choice was obvious.

D: Cheers Rob!


Dazastah on the Hunter Cup

DT: Has the amount of support and love you guys have all seen from the Hunter Cup been amazing? Is it a bit bittersweet to see it end this year, or do you think it’s fitting to finish it up on Hunter’s old turf?

Dazastah: Yes! It really has been amazing. It’s good that it’s coming back to Perth this year so the Perth people can see what it’s all about.

D: You had a pretty good game last year, do many of you play a lot of footy or is it just training leading up to it?

Daz: Most of us don’t play footy at all. I don’t – I grew up playing basketball with my height and all. I thought it was obvious to choose the sport that fit my physique best. It’s just the training that led up to the cup. It’s good because maybe if i had chosen footy at a younger age, I could’ve been the next Ben Cousins…ya know, bringing that Dazastah dopeness to the field.

 D:If you had to narrow it down to a few memories, what would be some of your favourite moments and experiences from your time involved with the Hunter Cup?

Daz: Taking down Chris Gill in Game 1 (much repsect out to Chris Gill for letting me take him down!!)  And seeing everyone in one place like it was back in Culture of Kings days…

D: Any messages for the people coming down this year mate?

Daz: Bring lots of fruit (rotten) for the Kings…haha… and enjoy the day!


The game kicks off at Steel Blue Oval in Perth at 2pm tomorrow and entry is free!

The post-game show featuring some legends of Australian hip-hop will start rolling at the Rosemount Hotel at 8pm, with tickets $25 at the door.

If you’d like to get behind your team and support Make A Wish please donate here: