Terminating tours with Necro /// Interview

Necro is set to terminate his Aussie tour this month, following a six year ban from the country.  Farley Ward plugged the Death Rap founder who is ready to start mosh-pit rages and annihilate stages when he hits Australian shores.  Get the down low on Necro!

Sup Necro! So you’re back in Australia for The Terminator Tour. After the hiccups you had last time you visited Oz 2009, you must be stoked you are allowed back into the land downunder?

Yeah, I’m very excited, its about time I came back to do my thing!

Why did you call your tour ‘The Terminator Tour?’

I thought the concept of me as the Terminator would look cool, the visual, and that is where it came from. And then the idea of terminating every show! The Terminator is a classic movie and character so people can relate to it, very catchy.

You’ve just released a greatest hits album; ‘Sadist Hits’. With so many popular tracks under your belt, how on earth did you choose the songs for the album?

I recently asked the fans what songs they wanted to hear most live, so I used that as a gauge to decide what songs would be on ‘Saddist Hits.’

You dropped the video for ‘Pop Ya Head Off’ from the Saddist Hits album. How well is the new song being received by fans?

I think it was well received, considering I don’t have huge marketing money and I only use social networks; no publicist, no special manager and no major label. ‘Pop Ya Head Off’ has had almost 200,000 views; just based off the internet, so its not bad. I always feel I could do better but nowadays people have very little attention span.

Even after fifteen years of hip hop, you haven’t toned down your lyrics which include crime, violence, murder and the occasional derogatory line about women. But there is never a lack of women at your shows! This considered, are you ever surprised at how many female fans you have?

No, because I am no worse than all the black rappers that rap about ‘having no love for them hoes’, or ‘bitches aint shit’. Snoop made a career of that and he is loved! I think some women are bothered and others just wanna fuck me based off my style!

You did an album with ‘Kool G Rap’ under the guise of ‘The Godfathers’. How did that union come about?

I always wanted to do a whole project with KGR, and once the opportunity came I seized it and went all out! He was feeling the energy and the project happened!

It must feel good knowing a boss like ‘Kool G Rap’ has your back?

Yeah, he is a good dude. In the end of the day, as an artist, you must not rest on your laurels or ride coattails. I focus on keeping my fans happy with my stuff, and not using anyone like KGR. The project was a dope union of two bosses, with him of course being The Godfathers of all Gangsta shit.

How has your music changed over the years?

I dont think my music has changed, but I have tried many different styles, and i always just make music I feel. I don’t follow trends, I try to please myself and what I want from a song.

You’ve mentioned that you had lined up collaborations with a number of artists like, Madchild, Twiztid, Flatbush Zombies and Diabolic. Did you pull all of these collaborations off?

I got the songs almost done with Madchild & Twiztid. The song with Flatbush Zombies we are still discussing but they did like one beat so that might happen once I start writing to it. Diabolic & I did discuss this one beat, so we will pick up on that shortly as I haven’t had time to focus on a lot of collabs with all this touring being planned.

You inspire people mosh to rap music. Rapping and moshing are an unlikely match, but you have brought them together. We know how much you like a mosh pit. Does it make you proud that you sort of created your own genre in Death Rap?

I didn’t sort of, I did, Death Rap is my shit, no one was using that term before I started calling it my shit. And it definitely inspires moshing, I expect it at my shows! I don’t like when the crowd is boring and just stares and stands there.

Is there a particular song that gets the crowd’s heads banging more than others?

Headsplit is my encore and always gets the crowd super pumped up after already being pumped up for an hour before it comes on, they always have that extra energy for that track!

Do people ever get hurt in the mosh pit at your shows?

Sometimes, but I don’t support anyone being a bully! I think it’s meant to be hardcore, but at the same time should be a fun time for everyone to release anger with homies.

You have been calling out for fans to tag their favourite local acts on Facebook to fill support slots for shows.. Have you found any up coming artists in your travels that have a dope sound or flow that you love?

The promoter did that, wasn’t my idea, but I got no issue with it, as long as the openers have respect – I’m not really checking for new rappers to be honest, I’m focused on my own career. I’m here to be an inspiration to them and for them to learn from.

For audiences who have never seen you live, what can they expect from a Necro show?

I rap as good as the record, so for anyone wondering if I am only a good recording, they will be pleasantly surprised when they see me killing it precisely live! I’m all about the crowd going nuts and speaking my mind, its a very raw energy and my personality and music captivates the audience.

Australia loves Necro. What does Necro love about Australia?

I love that Australia doesn’t care where I come from; there is no racist remarks or hating on me for my background, im accepted as a regular bloke that kills it. In America there is too much focus on white and black, and stuff that doesn’t matter in the music world. Australia shows me love like an equal. In Australia I am no less than any major label artist; Necro gets the same respect as all of them! This is why Australia rules! They judge you on the music, not sales and hooplah!

Any other news you’d like to share?

I’m in Australia to perform live from May 15th to May 31st, make sure to cop a VIP ticket and we can meet and kick it, we will also be offering some special treats for the VIP fans!

Check out my websites:
Instagram: @necrorules
Snapchat: necrohiphop

Looking forward to checking you out live when I cover one or both of the QLD shows. Thanks for the chat Necro!

Thanks homie! Salute and Respect!!! See ya soon!!

Necro The Terminator Australia and New Zealand tour

MAY 15 – Adelaide – The Gov (LIC AA)
MAY 16 – Melbourne – The Espy
MAY 20 – Fremantle – Metropolis Fremantle
MAY 22 – Canberra – ANU Bar
MAY 23 – Newcastle – The Small Ballroom
MAY 24 – Sydney – UTS Underground (LIC AA)
MAY 28 – Christchurch – The Foundry
MAY 29 – Auckland – The Kings Arms
MAY 30 – Brisbane – The HI-FI
MAY 31 – Goldcoast – Coolangatta Hotel