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Author: Subject: [OZ Interview] Mind Over Matter [Willow] (interview by kTpure)
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[*] posted on 1-7-2008 at 02:22 PM
[OZ Interview] Mind Over Matter [Willow] (interview by kTpure)

kT: So you and Smiles went to school together?

Willow: Yes we did, we went to high school together.

kT: So your first mixtape ‘For Our Hip Hoppers’ came out in 06 – how long before that were you rhyming together?

Willow: I’d say about 2 -3 years we started writing rhymes together, but a bit longer freestyling. But yeah about 2-3 years we made the group Mind Over Matter.

kT: Why did you choose the name?

Willow: We believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. You work hard at it – that’s the philosophy behind us.

kT: And why do you call yourself Willow?

Willow: Partly cos I love the movie “Willow” – you know it?

kT: Ahh yeah – I was thinking more the tree.

Willow: Well there is also the tree part. Willow trees, ya know they have a trunk that is thick & strong trunk but then the leaves are chilled out and relaxed…goin’ with the flow.

kT: So the mixtape came out in 2006. Have you been working on the album since then?

Willow: At the end of 2006 we started. We were doing shows for a bit then started looking for beats.

kT: Yeah well there are so many beats from different composers on the album. I am curious as to how you gathered up the beats. Was there a distinct sound you were looking for?

Willow: We went searching for beats…just hitting up producers everywhere. We went through…ahh over 1000 beats…so many beats to get the ones we were happy with. It took ages but we were happy with every one that we went with. We weren’t really looking for a particular style…just a beat that would make a good song then write it and then at the end see all the songs we had and see what songs would mould the best together to make the best album.

kT: There are so many beats from different people, but there is a consistency about the album. Does that have something to do with the production by Phatchance and Drake?

Willow: Yeah definitely – they worked close together on mixing it. So I guess they provided an overall sound….to make it smooth.

kT: So you get the beat first and then start writing?

Willow: Yep always.

kT: And what were some of the tracks you most enjoyed recording?

Willow: ‘Beautiful Truth’ was good to record…cos of the feeling we were trying to portray, and we hadn’t recorded a track that meaningful before. Also ‘Sunshine’…but we do love to record tracks like ‘Time of My Life’ cos we can get crazy in the booth.

kT: You are gonna have to tell me how the choir on ‘Proud’ came about. Did Smiles just rock up to his old primary school and ask the teacher.

Willow:: Principal actually, yeah. It was pretty crazy – involving kids required so many permission slips and stuff.

kT: Ha, I would like to see how the permission slip actually said. Did it describe you as a “hip hop duo?”

Willow: I dunno – I guess so. The school had to listen to the lyrics and make sure there wasn’t anything that they didn’t want to kids to be on.

kT: So they had an excursion where they came to the studio and recorded?

Willow: Yeah it was crazy – the school had an excursion so they caught a bus with the teacher and all had their recess and stuff.

kT: So the track with Vast Aire – you hooked up through myspace yeah?

Willow: Yep – we approached him. We wanted to have someone that no-one else got on and Vast Aire & Cannibal Ox are Gods to us. It was actually meant to be him and C-Rayz Walz…but yeah C-Rayz got arrested…and um yeah…couldn’t record his verse. So we ended up just going with Vast. It kinda helped cos we had a Stylaz Feugo beat…and he had heard of Feugo so he was like “no worries.”

kT: So putting out an album is a huge task – and to me you have done it pretty quickly.

Willow: It is just something that we love…and me and smiles believe to get where you want you gotta hustle and put in the work to get there. We have just been going flat out with it…we didn’t go to Uni or anything just so we could do music. It took ages and a lot of sleepless nights.

kT: Where was it all recorded?

Willow: Illa from Illaffiliates – his studio. And some of the early tracks, like ‘Proud’ and ‘Chillin in the Brewery’ were with Phatchance, from Natural Causes - at his Studio.

kT: So how did Drake and Phatchance decide who mixed what tracks?

Willow: Drake wanted to mix his favourites, the ones he didn’t like he wanted Chance to mix. The ones he loved he just grabbed and started mixing.

kT: Well I wanted to talk about your label – Nurcha Records. You know our forum, and the mere mention of Nurcha often stirs up a bit of beef…

Willow: Yeah ask me anything you want…

kT: Ok well in Nurcha’s mission statement they do say they want to “promote and encourage the next generation of hip hop in Oz. Is that why you were interested in them?

Willow: We didn’t really know what Nurcha was about when we gave them the mixtape. We knew they were putting on shows and we wanted shows, so we gave them our mixtape and the next day Shrekk called us. That was really good for us, we had just finished school and weren’t really in the scene and didn’t know if our music would be liked, know what I mean.

kT: Do you think 100% that being on Nurcha has helped you?

Willow: Yeah… I definitely do. I know Nurcha is not the most loved thing in the world…but I don’t care really. These are my friends, and Shrekk has given us so many chances and opportunities that we wouldn’t have been able to have if we weren’t with Nurcha.

kT: It is apparent that everyone in the Nurcha fold work together – and that shows on you album…like how Drake & Phatchance were involved in the production…and Maekism did the artwork.

Willow: Yeah it is a family.

Mind Over Matter - 'Keepin’ It Breezy' is out now on Nurcha Records with distro by MGM.


Nurcha's 3rd Birthday + Drapht / Mind Over Matter / 360 TRIPLE Album Launch. More info HERE.

Interview by kTpure

©2008 OzHipHop.Com - No part of this interview can be used without permission from the Webmaster.

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[*] posted on 1-7-2008 at 03:06 PM

great read.
good job
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[*] posted on 1-7-2008 at 06:29 PM

nice work Kt - some good questions there

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[*] posted on 1-7-2008 at 06:42 PM

good review :smurf:




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[*] posted on 2-7-2008 at 02:51 AM

ah nice!

the ol question and answer still does the job.

dope interview

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[*] posted on 17-7-2008 at 04:09 PM

what beef? :P
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