Is This The Beginning Of The Syntax Era? /// INTERVIEW

This Hip Hop trio consisting of Pill Specter, Mesc & Estranged known as Syntax Era from Queensland are self described cynical assholes, high school drop outs and lovers of ultra dank rhymes mixed over potent boom-bap beats. All under the age of 20 this group of aspiring artists claim they make the music they do simply for the love and support of their fans. We catch up with the boys and talk everything from Hip Hop influences to following their dreams.

What’s your Hip Hop background? 

Spectre: Been a fan since I was 7, when my mother gave me my first hip-hop CD. It was a terrible album but I was hooked. I started writing at the age of 12 and haven’t turned back. I met Estranged in a high school music class, he showed me some beats and I immediately knew we were representing the same cause. A year or so later I started chillin with Mesc and the rest is history.
We released our first project in May of 2015, simply titled “Syntax Era – The Demo” The demo was primarily written from the ages of 16-18 and It’s available for free download on band camp. We decided to start battling on Real Talk because it’s funny as fuck and decent promo for the music.

Check out the Mesc vs Briz One battle here.

Mesc: I really started getting into the good shit in early 2013 when Specter introduced me to the stranger side of Hip Hop, Namely the UK underground, from there I was pretty much hooked for good, addicted to those heavy lyrics and hard beats. Not to say my life is a complete waste of time, but it feels close enough to it that I can write those sweet sweet bars people seem to love so much.

What inspires you to make Hip Hop music? What are your influences?

Specter: The fear of failure is like a ragged old prostitute constantly whipping us forward. Even more inspirational would have to be the countless people telling us that we’re doing something amazing. We don’t sell our music, we do this shit for the love of hip-hop. So to have someone say “Yo that verse was fucking crazy” is payment enough for me I don’t need anything else.

Mesc: Definitely my feeble existence on an Earth that doesn’t acknowledge me nearly as much as I would like it to, Hip Hop inspires Hip Hop, money funds trash babies. As I mentioned before, the UK scene is currently killing it, artists like Jam Baxter, Figment, Possessed, Dirty Dike, Ed Scissortongue and Lee Scott, most places aren’t on that level right now.
If we’re talking American artists though, I got to mention Cage Kennylz, Ill Bill, Aesop Rock, Yak Ballz and obviously the Wu-Tang Clan. When it comes to Aussie Hip-hop Retayner, Mantra and the Crate Cartel (specifically Raven and Fluent Form) take the top spots.

Tell us about your latest project…

We’ve partnered with High School mates the Thought Junkies and formed a super group known as The Syntax Junkies. New rappers, new producers and an evolution of styles. We teamed up less than 3 months ago and already things are moving so quickly. The self titled album is coming together freakishly fast and can be expected in the first quarter of 2016. IT WILL BE COMPLETELY FREE!

What is your process for creating music?

Spectre: I usually wait until I’m sparked into a creative frenzy by a particularly dope beat or song. From there it’s pretty much done. I’m going to write to it no matter what’s going on around me, no matter what filthy cesspool I live in, no matter how many people are going crazy around me. I have given my life and my soul to the music. It had to be done. We’ve had to give up on a lot of opportunities and cut ties with a lot of people for the sake of this dream, creation and sacrifice go hand in hand but I guess I’d be lying if I said it was healthy. Sometimes you need to destroy so you can build.

Mesc: If I don’t already have a funny/strange bar to start a verse I will usually resort to talking about smashing brains or something stupid like that. It’s a good way to grab peoples attention before you advertise how disgusting you think you ex girlfriend is.

What’s the process involved for your production?

All our beats are made with samples and original instrumentation. We dig through crates until a trance-like state is induced upon one of the resident producers (Estranged, Blind or Nerve). This involves copious amounts of isolation, self hatred and substance abuse that inevitably leads to disturbingly dope things.

Anything else you want to mention?

Mesc: If you don’t do exactly what you want to do in life then you are wasting your fucking time. Nothing means anything no matter what. We’re all fucked eventually, give it 30 years or so, trust me.

Specter: Follow your dreams and do what you want to do otherwise you may as well have never lived at all. We’re trapped in a world were people are taught and trained not to dream, a world were 99% live unfulfilled lives . Don’t let fear keep you from experiencing everything this planet has to offer. Live your dreams, do what you want when you want and do it with a fucking smile. There isn’t much time left so make it interesting.

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Feature Image by Tammy Silva for Brisbane Local Bands