Mahvel is a Hip Hop artist who was born in Malaysia, grew up in Melbourne and has moved around quite a lot, making music since he was 14. Now 20, he began involving himself in the battle scene, even winning a tournament and becoming the champion at one of Amped Up Entertainment’s events.

What’s your Hip Hop background? 

My big brother started me on Hip Hop from the age of 5 with a CD player and the Slim Shady LP, I guess it just kind of snowballed from there. I am also into a lot of UK rap like Dirty Dike and Lunar C which is probably where I got my long multi syllabic style from and more recently I have been smashing G Eazy, Drake and more Hip Hop of that kind but don’t get me wrong, I still listen to every genre imaginable from Skrillex, to The Cadillacs, to Sum 41.

What inspires you to make Hip Hop music? 

Inspiration comes in many forms, my favourite of course being caffeine and 5 dollar pizzas but honestly I don’t even know, I sit down and I find a beat that “makes me feel some type of way” and then the rest is kind of auto pilot. Once you know the basic structure and rules to writing rap music, you can take them in whatever direction you choose.

Tell us about your latest project…

My last project Party in Purgatory is my debut mix tape which I have been working on since mid 2015. It ended up being about everything in my life at the current time from girls, to partying, to getting fired from a job I hated and flat out venting about “the man“. It’s without a doubt some of the best writing I have ever done and the team that I worked on it with were amazing.

Fun fact #1 Your nothing without your team.

What is your process for creating music?

Firstly I dim the lights, light a few candles and then play Raining Blood by Slayer at maximum volume whilst I stand motionless at my window with my head tilted slightly to one side as I stare blankly at the tenants of the neighbouring apartments, then I pass out and wake up with a freshly written song scrawled in blood on the walls of my once white inner city abode, not much to it really.

Who are you working with on your project? 

Harry Andrews, Zak Zchmidt and my dope sauce engineer Kojido (Rob Picouleau). Harry and I met at a house party event run by Amped Up Entertainment where we hit it off and decided to do a track together that I had written and was all ready to go, we end up changing it entirely.

Zak was battling through Amped Up Entertainment and ended up moving really close to me, we became close friends and drinking/rapping buddies but he is an absolute flog and would shit on a random stranger for a fiver. Lastly Kojido and I met through the dig deep initiative run in the art centre, if you rap and have Tuesday’s free then go there, it is inspiration city and free recording time is available!

Fun fact number #2 making an album or an EP is expensive if you make it expensive.

Facebook: Mahvel