This is what happens when an MC Bails from Reality /// Bailer Interview

Bailer has been around the Melbourne scene on more fronts than one, interchanging between graffiti and MCing since 1997. His artistic approach to his music and videos give him a unique style that is not exactly seen everyday. We catch up with Bailer to to find out more about him while we await for his next warped rendition of reality.

What’s your Hip Hop background?

Grew up near a train line so naturally started to decorate it. Had a cubby house next to the line and would go exploring storm water drains with friends from primary school. Graffiti took over my life, then rap and break dancing. I had that young mans’ ego; no one can beat me at free-styling or fighting. I won a few battles, ran a muck when I was a gromit and did a gig with Bias B and Bigfoot after that but it was at Daylesford town hall to a bunch of teenagers so I think that put me off being a rapper (laughs), I also won the Big Day Out MC competition in 2003. I came second and third in a few, then got more involved in painting after getting disqualified from a battle for getting physical on stage at the corner hotel. After Many years of writing rap letters I got back into the rap words and did a few verses on friends CD’s such as Pisces, Celphysh, Nekta and Flush. A few years ago I made a 20 track album with Retainer titled Over Spray. I made a film clip for Pisces song friends with the void, I have made a bunch of clips for myself for fun. Currently I am doing a few songs and clips before I do another project with Retainer.

What inspires you to make Hip Hop music? 

Nick Cave is one of my favourite song writers/story tellers. I like Psycho Realm, anyone who can paint a detailed mental image. I read a lot and write short stories. I love film. Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, Ridley Scott, Terry Gilliam & David Lynch. My life inspires me to write, the inequities in the world. Music is what gets you out of bed and keeps you going. I love Kendrick Lamar, Joy Division, Grave Diggazz, Nacho Picasso is fun, @peace, Average Rap Band are the freshest, RTJ, Roc Marciano, Wu tang, The Cramps. I do not know much about trance/electronic music but I enjoy going to festivals and dancing to it. Music makes me happy. I want to make music for two reasons: One to feel good and move, the other; to highlight issues that I have opinions about.

Tell us about your latest project…

I made a film clip for a song. I just want to make a few songs with clips and release them one at a time. The song is called Spies Like Us. The beat is produced by Kharnivor. The clip is shot and edited by Carl Allison who is great. I designed/directed the film, made the sets and shot the claymation. The song is about how harsh our society can be. The hook is just about replacing violence with love, or at least lust (laughs). The clip is about getting stabbed then a bunch of weird shit happening (laughs).

What is your process for creating music?

I wish I could play instruments and produce beats. I already have too many things going on though. So my focus is just on the lyrics and their cadence and what not. I take notes when I get ideas. Get beats off good friends and go for it. Writing on the train, or free styling into the phone, in the car or when stumbling home. Some of the songs on over spray were more contrived. We picked a topic to rhyme about, researched the shit out of it then both went away and wrote our verses then compared, made suggestions/changes.

Who are you working with on your project? 

Carl Allison is a great film maker who has made clips for heaps of peeps including Hilltop Hoods. He is a close friend. Kharnivor made the beat. He is a legend with an original style. He is also a close friend.

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