Mini Coop


Mini Coop is an artist from Melbourne who has been extremely active over the last 2 years, releasing many videos for his solo projects as well as some for promotion purposes. He entered 360‘s Hecktickest competition earlier this year and was complimented by the man himself on his entry but was actually invited to join 360 on stage on the Melbourne leg of his tour to perform even earlier this year. He has worked with artists such as Clue, Tys, Alana Porter & Beechey to name a few.

Not only has Mini Coop supported artists like Seth Sentry and been highly involved in Hip Hop gigs around Melbourne, but he has also been playing the piano since he was 8 and taught him self how to play the drums and guitar throughout high school, so that says a lot about why his production has such a crisp sound, and why its so unique.

So he decided to start rapping in 2013 and has been working in his home studio ever since, releasing a few projects starting with Jaws at the start of 2013, then On To Something at the end of 2013, Up and Atom at the start of 2014, This Is Ours at the start of 2015, The Boy From Mars at the end of 2015, and then finally Chosen in August this year.

On this release i think the man himself would agree that his style is more polished and the production is more crisp, which is one of the best outcomes when making music as nobody wants to stop progressing, no matter how quick the material is being made, so really i think its clear that Mini Coop has a bright future ahead of him and has definitely delivered some timeless music on this latest release.

His ability to sing blends well with his style of rap so that what your hearing is almost a genre in its own right, especially in tracks on this release like Curtain Call, his energetic delivery and strong singing voice in this chorus proves that he is capable of more than your average rapper from Melbourne.

Track 5, titled Lorainne, was a farewell to his grandmother and he spoke about how she influenced him in a positive way. It really shows how talented an artist is when they can turn a negative experience into a beautiful piece of music, though every track on this release offers a different and more distinguished vibe to the listener, which proves what an original artist he is, and how excited people should be for what is to come.

He started it off with the release of Riot and then later Bad Business, both tracks off the mixtape and it is available now on bandcamp for free.

Facebook: Mini Coop