Eso releases solo track Sunny Days, insists Bliss N Eso are still a thing /// Film Clip

The controversial MC Eso from one of Australia’s most commercially successful crews, Bliss N Eso, has released a new solo track called “Sunny Days”. Available for purchase through iTunes and with a brand new film clip, solo Twitter and Facebook fan page to go along with it, it appears that Eso is gearing up for a solo career.

However this doesn’t seem to be the beginning of the end, as Eso said on his Facebook this week

“Massive shout out to my brothers Bliss and DJ Izm for supporting my ideas and encouraging me to never stop creating.

BLISS N ESO are stronger than ever and I will fly with them forever, I’m just adding more paintings to our gallery .”

There are plenty of crews members that release solo work, with “Nosebleed Section” by the Hilltop Hoods being a turning point for the crew, yet it was techincally a solo Suffa track, and Stopping All Stations a lead single, being a solo Pressure track, so it’s no surprise that these creatives also work on projects and music in their off time.

But as our editor said “Eso goes solo, makes track that sounds exactly like Bliss N Eso track? What exactly is the fucking point.” and he’s not far off. But, we are interested to hear what sound Eso brings as he explores more solo creativity and styles and what comes out of it all.

You can keep up with Eso over here;