Gutz Gets out of The Flats /// New Film Clip

While living it up on holidays and collaborating with some Indonesian artists, back home, Broken Tooth Entertainment’s GUTZ has just dropped the film clip for his track The Flats. With story telling of scenes from life in the flats Gutz tells a story that is too real for most, and the track takes a turn with demonstrating some of the harder lessons learnt from the younger days hanging around the traps.

“This song was the visions that stuck in my head from the time me and my family spent living in govi flats as a youngen. we had alota bad times and saw alota sad things. But we kept strong and if it weren’t for those visions I wouldn’t be the man that I am today. I wrote this for the kids still stuck in the mission keep ya head be strong no matter where you come from you can still be a Don. …GUTZ BTE …..”

You can grab the free or pay what you want download over on bandcamp here.