Hilltop Hoods Finally Play at HOME /// Tour

Having toured to Europe, New Zealand and the UK this year alone, we here Down Under have faced the conundrum of; is going to a festival to see the homeboys Hilltop Hoods worth it? Any self respecting hip hop fan says no, so thank the stars that after 2 years the Hilltop Hoods have finally announced their Australian Tour.

This year they are bringing along label mate K21 and ex label mates, Thundamentals. Aww. The Cosby Sweater Tour is Part Four of this “World Tour”. We are unsure of the exact details at this time in regards to sweater requirements. Will it be mandatory, optional, will there be sweaters (or in Australia, as we like to call them, JUMPERS), for sale. Extra points for anyone tying sweaters around their neck while they mosh.

Of course this is off the back of their album Walk Under Stars which sat in the top spot for 2 weeks in a row on the ARIA Charts. Hoo-rah!

The boys are playing some good sized venues but we encourage getting your tickets sooner rather than later, do you really want it to be two more years until you see the boys back in action?