Joey “Gargz” Gargoyle Passes Away /// RIP

Update; Gargoyle friends, fam and BTE Crew are gathering at Edinburgh Gardens (MELB) at 2PM this Saturday, all welcome to come down to pay respect. 


BigFoot, Billy Bunks, Gargoyle at Rosies in 2008

The Australian Hip Hop scene mourns the loss of a talented MC and good bloke Joey “Gargz” Gargoyle. It was announced yesterday by his crew Broken Tooth Entertainment, that he had passed away. The tributes and love have poured to his family and friends with the passing being an unexpected blow for those close to him and the community at large.

Gargoyle SaintSinner

Gargoyle is best known for his 2008 release “Saintsinner” which received positive reviews both at home and internationally.

In 2008 our own review of Saintsinner read;

“…The barrage of grimy honesty spewed from BTE’s Gargoyle is a truth that can only come from the gutter. No flash, no gimmick, no fuss. Over a handful of tracks the Melbourne local laments on homelessness, poverty, lost days and wasted existence. There’s no bravado, only reality…” 

and US based RapReviews.Com gave it a 7/10 review including;

“…The dichotomy encompassed in the album’s title reflects the dichotomy that is Gargoyle as his style is half thugged out, dark imagery and half socially conscious messages. It’s quite the unique combination that I’ve only heard a few times before…”

But it wasn’t the first time that Gargoyle had breached overseas. A full ten years earlier in 1998 as part of the crew Improwise, which consisted of Gargoyle, Billy Bunks and Tornts, they had a track released on the Ill Crew Universal compilation ICU: The Revival.

All three members styles evolved significantly over the past 16 years, but already in the early throws of Australian Hip Hop the skills and passion showed. Gargoyle himself said in a comment earlier this year when this video was posted on Facebook that

“…I think we went a bit overboard with the similes.But we had punchlines for days that cunts are only doing now. I wouldve still been a virgin. Fuck ya mum.”

Only last Christmas, Gargoyle went on to release a free 7 track mixtape, Bad Santa, while working on a follow up full length titled “Sink or Swim”.


For those in Melbourne, local graffiti writers are heading down to do a “Rest In Power Gargz” piece at Hosier Lane this Saturday and the BTE Crew and friends and family of Gargz are heading to Edinburgh Gardens at 2pm, every is welcome to go down and celebrate the life of this true gentleman. For the rest of us Australia wide, reflect, reminisce and crank Gargoyle through the speakers.


Anyone that has pictures, old recordings, video, etc, of Gargoyle aka Voter are encouraged to get in contact with Newsense BTE as they are putting together a collection for his family.