MC Dusk Lands National Nas Support /// Tour News

In what in any other circumstance would be considered a unprecedented move by touring agents Illusive on the upcoming national Nas tour, the unheard of, unproven, and relatively unknown, MC Dusk has been announced for national support.

Hailing from rural New South Wales this female MC was active on the scene with local crew Blades of Hades (now known as Blades) and the last live Australian music performance seems to be from 2007, where you can watch the only digital sound evidence of this rappers existence here, here and here.

However, you may of course know MC Dusk as her more prominent real name, Abbie Cornish, an actress who most recently featured in Robocop and a few years ago the love it or hate it film, SuckerPunch.

Around 2012 it became apparent that Cornish was making music again under the moniker MC Dusk, and following her Instagram and social media’s you can see she has been working with artists like the Hilltop Hoods (as featured in their Rattling the Keys To the Kingdom film clip, gif below), Illy, Seth Sentry and more. She has announced that her deeply personal solo EP Key To The Sun will be out sometime soon.

It’s not uncommon for female MCs to be less generous with their online music presence, in fact, in many cases, the exact opposite of their male counterparts who tend to release a new verse, promo video or quick 16 every other day, but we hope that Dusk has been practicing the live set and can shake her old reputation of “whisper” to work the pre-Nas crowds!

With another prominent Australian female getting much attention in the US music scene these days we dare say there is some fingers crossed that DUSK will give back Australian female rappers some authenticity on the international scene.