Mini Coop Advocates For Bad Posture /// Filmclip

Mini Coop is a Hip Hop artist from Melbourne who plays a bunch of  instruments as well as producing beats from himself and others. Mini Coop was the winner of Rapper 360’sSixavelli” contest and had the chance to jump on stage with him early last year during ’60’s tour. Coop has been releasing some videos on his Facebook including a series of studio sessions and live performances and late last year dropped his The Boy From Mars release.

This short video for Bad Posture is over a stripped back instrumental, a standard Melbourne laneway setting, but enhanced with some very cool animation. Check it out!

~~~~Bad Posture (OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP)~~~~~If you haven’t seen this check it out!!! You’ll love dem animations!! Help it go big and SHARE IT AROUND !!

Posted by Mini Coop on Saturday, February 6, 2016


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