Originating from Australia and growing up in the pacific islands of Guam & Saipan, spending time in Perth and Brisbane, this Dialekt is not the one of Dialect & Despair fame. This Dialekt, is American accented, does “club sets” and generally rolls in a different circle than the one we do. But I got the respect for the constant, unwavering hustle. This track Not Today provides insight into what may have gone through the minds of Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse just before they lost their lives, I dig it, concept rap is my thing, film clip is cool, so check it out.

Of the three verses, Dialekt has dedicated one verse to each of these entertainment icons and as a result has created a raw and confronting song that explores the troubles experienced by these influential artists.

The music video, Directed by Adrian Lloyd of Satellite 13 Entertainment Group takes the viewer on a journey into the depths of these three iconic characters, as Dialekt expresses his own view of how these icons may have felt prior to losing their lives.

The film like music video explores the feelings that each of these icons may have experienced leading up to the tragic end of their lives.

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