Onyx Tour Kicks Off and Collab Track with Ozzie MC /// News

ONYX bring their bald head attack back to Australia this month. After years of critical and commercial success in the rap game, crossing over into mainstream acting, and collaborating with Biohazard to make the only hip hop/punk crossover stuff worth giving a damn about, Fredro Starr & Sticky Fingers are showing no signs of slowing down. And they’re staying up with the new school cats, bringing Snak the Ripper on their current tour, releasing new music, and working with heavy weight production crew Snowgoons.

It’s because of their intense hit ya in the face live energy that ONYX are still in high demand as a live act around the world after 20 plus years in the game. The South Queens natives boast a back catalogue of street anthems, such as Throw Ya Gunz, Shiftee, React, Shut Em Down, and of course Slam. Many heads consider their first 3 albums Bacdafucup, All we Got iz Us, Shut Em Down, to be essentials for any collection.

This time on their trip from the Southside of Queens to Down Under, ONYX will be completing a collab with a West Australian based MC, Optimystic which you can preview below. As Optimystic tells us “Me and my partner in rhyme JR have been slamming with ONYX since the early 90s, and its such an honour to have the opportunity to collab and work with our idols and hip hop icons. You get a mad rush when ya fucking with us”.

In the world of hip hop many artists often submit to trends that come and go every day, and this can some what dilute the force and impact hip hop can have. Its reassuring that ONYX are still keeping gritty & grimy for the real hardcore heads.

ONYX are tearing up Australia right now so don’t miss out!

MELBOURNE/Thursday 3rd December – Prince Bandroom
www.princebandroom.com.au / www.oztix.com.au
ADELAIDE/Friday 4th December – XL Superclub
www.ticketor.com/hiphoptix / www.oztix.com.au
PERTH/Saturday 5th December – The Game Sports Bar
www.ticketor.com/hiphoptix / www.oztix.com.au


Words written by Messy.