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Stevie Kincade’s Personal Sermons /// New Release

It’s amazing to me that sometimes I still don’t know who an artist is. With Facebook I hear about new music all the time, I get a constant, never ceasing, barrage of self promotion. New music, sure, but new artists? Not so much. What if an artist isn’t my “Friend” or I don’t already “Like” their artist page?

Stevie KincadeDiscovery, it still is the biggest problem for music on the internet. We aim to fix that.

So, today I am talking about a Sydney MC called Stevie Kincade. In January, Kincade released an album called Person Sermons. Now, let me be frank, I do have the opportunity to discover new artist’s from the 100’s of emails a day we get, but unfortunately many of these are US artists are the inbox is full of trap beats and shit US promo’s. Kincade did email us here at OzHipHop.Com, but we missed it. So technically two months late, we want to let people know about this release, as this guy has a discovery problem.

I can say this because his Facebook page and mine only have three “mutual friends”. I know, Facebook, lame, blah blah, but I really do have a lot of Hip Hop heads as friends. Unless there’s an illuminati style Hip Hop Community in Sydney that I’m totally not aware of, Kincade is doing music on the outer edges of the scene. Fair play to the fella, but we’re here to drop his details and help with the discovery. What you make of Kincade’s music is up to you!

Kincade has a rock music background including a rock duo (wat) and the influence is apparent in many of his tracks. In some ways I like it as he has a confidence in his vocals that I find can lack in others.

Stream a bunch of tracks here: https://soundcloud.com/steviekincade
Cop the album here: https://steviekincade.bandcamp.com/album/personal-sermons
Be Kincade’s friend here: https://www.facebook.com/stevie.kincade

Written by LJ