Sydney Vs Everybody /// The Cypher Videos

Sydney Vs Everybody has caused a stir lately within the Australia scene. For a few reasons, mainly, everyone else thinking “Why didn’t we do this first, and better?” and also “Who are these Sydney people?” Which is a good thing.

Sydney Vs Everyone is a video cypher that is part of a growing concept around the Hip Hop world. Inspired by Tommy Walker with his brand Detroit Vs Everybody, and taking from Eminem and crew’s track of the same name, this cypher is an opportunity for Sydney to represent itself and highlight its artists in rounds of cyphers that are videoed and uploaded. The first round kicked off on New Years Day featuring reggae singer Jah Tung on the hook and MC’s BWise, Jeriet Dwight, Nate Wade, Matuse, Jordan Grieg, Lil Soulja, and Intalekz.

The second round dropped 26th January 2014 and features NTER, Sarah Connor, DJ MK-1, Gunsta, L FRESH the LION, Billy Green, Double L and Gravy Baby. The Green Room Sydney are responsible for the recording and filming of the cypher and artists from the Sydney area are encouraged to contact them for future participation. We just ask that for next one, please change the god damn beat!

Word on the street is that Perth has one coming soon and no doubt a few other localities are getting their shit together too.