Murs Interview /// 2005

MURS INTERVIEW with guest appearance by LUCKYIAM. ILSE: What have you been up to today? You’ve just had an interview at Triple J? MURS: Yeah. LUCKY: I just saw two of my ex-girlfriends today. Hello. ILSE: A girl in every port? MURS: YES! I’m the rapper, he’s the whore. MC [points to self], slutpants [points …

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Mark 1 Interview /// 2004

G Force(G): Congratulations on the new album Mark. The themes and subjects addressed are quite varied, where do you draw your inspiration for writing songs from? Mark 1(M): Thanks mate, much appreciated. My inspiration is just my life and observations. What I’ve been through or seen friends go through, the things I see, my family, …

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Sabac Interview /// 2004

Being that you’re part of a highly successful crew, what motivated you to embark on a solo project? My highly successful crew motivated me. The world we live in, the streets, Necro, a lot motivated me. Non-Phixion have always been known as politically-minded rappers, but you seem to have taken things one step further with …

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Koolism Interview /// 2004

G FORCE (G): Congratulations on the new album. To start it off, how did you go about making and completing Part Three with reference to inspirations, time frames and the process in general? H: Maaan! A lot of late nights, endless studio sessions, near murders and suicidal tendencies. I’m sure nuff groups out there know what I’m …

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