Bitter Belief


Bitter Belief is an artist from Perth who has been active for many years, joining SBX in 2009, he has worked with many artists around Australia such as Complete, Rob ShakerPurpose, Mistress Of Ceremony, Hau & Briggs to name a few. He has performed at many events around Australia, a lot of them organised for charity and to raise awareness for those who struggle with mental illnesses.

His discography consists of over 10 mix tapes, 2 albums and his most recent mix tape Horizon Haze, its plain to see that his style has developed even more, proving that he is one of the most experienced and hard working in Perth. In this new song, we hear about some of the struggles throughout his time in the Hip Hop scene, expressing himself through hard hitting lyrics with a flow not many can compete with. For years he has constantly delivered both quality and quantity, demonstrating just how ambitious he is and also putting into perspective how much effort and hard work goes into his music.

He has also released videos for Spinal Mystery & iNWA has now released a video for the song Horizon Haze off his latest mix tape of the same title, the video was filmed and edited by Cortext.

Facebook: Bitter Belief