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Since 2002 ozhiphop.com has embraced the wise words of many heads from around Australia and even the globe, sucking out their in-depth music knowledge, wit, passion, the website has bled them dry. Too many to name, have fallen, and yet now still, more rise to the challenge.


Sabac Interview /// 2004

Being that you’re part of a highly successful crew, what motivated you to embark on a solo project? My highly successful crew motivated me. The world we live in, the streets, Necro, a lot motivated me. Non-Phixion have always been known as politically-minded rappers, but you seem to have taken things one step further with …

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Hyjak Interview /// 2004

[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]e’ll hyjakulate, always off his face like a pack of ravers and for those that don’t know, Hyjak’s the one with the breadstick on the cover on his new album. Drastik Measures is a duet album with Torcha produced by Sydney super DJ Bonez – a.k.a. ‘the funny lookin greek guy in the middle’. …

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