A Story of The First Fan and A Tragic Loss /// RIP N.U.G.

It seems like all to frequently that we are mourning the loss of our friends and family, of public figures, and in our own private lives. The Hip Hop community hasn’t escaped this pain, tragedy does not discriminate. It was with incredible sadness that yesterday we heard of the passing of Adam “N.U.G.” Norgate, who at 35 years old lost his battle with cancer.

N.U.G. was a fan, a hip hop head, a hustler, he made beats, he helped out those he could. A long time Hip Hop head, N.U.G. was a member of this very Hip Hop website since 2003, and playing an active role in discussion about Hip Hop, promoting the genre, being passionate about the music.

For many people that were around when Bliss N Eso were still young pups and Myspace was the place to be social, they would remember N.U.G. as the main man behind the scenes of Bliss N Eso. Not a guest list was written, not a free ticket given, without this man’s go ahead.

Today we mourn the loss of a Hip Hop head, a good bloke, and a driving force. We’ll leave this post here with the tribute from Bliss N Eso’s Facebook page.


“A story about Bliss n Eso’s very first fan and friend.

Friends, Family and Fans, we’d like to share a story about an amazing person who helped 3 high school kids realise their dream of being a successful Hip Hop group in Australia. Adam Norgate, (AKA: N.U.G) was the first person in BnE’s history to help us get off the ground and start our journey to where we are today. When we first started rapping and other students at our school would make fun of us, Adam was the first person to see our potential and offered to help us. None of us knew how to make beats back then or any other artists in the scene, so out of his own money he put an ad in the local newspaper seeking out Hip Hop producers to work with us. As a result he found the first producer we ever worked with, JP (who produced songs on “The Arrival” as well as “Flying Colours”). Again, out of his own pocket he paid for studio time for us to record our first songs. When we were ready to release our first EP, “The Arrival”, Adam spent countless months promoting us online helping us to establish the beginnings of a solid fanbase which led us to tour nationally for the first time.

Over the years Adam worked tirelessly for us, helping to promote and support us in anyway he could. He did all of this purely out of the love for what we did and the belief in our dreams. He never asked for anything in return, only that we tried our best and didn’t let up until we realised our goals.

Yesterday Adam tragically passed away from cancer at the age of 35. We are shocked and deeply saddened by this news. He wasn’t just our very first fan, he was also the most loyal and dedicated friend that we will ever know. Without him we might not of ever have risen to the success that we have today.

If you have love for the music we make please send some love out on this post to his friends and family. We will deeply miss him, but are happy that the music he helped inspire will live on forever.

Much love and Rest in Peace N.U.G.

“See N.U.G had given him our first beat machine to rock right” – Home is where the Heart Is”