Calski ATTENTION Filmclip Feat Sinks and Raven /// EXCLUSIVE PREMIER

A producer and MC that’s no stranger to the scene, Calski has been banging out the beats since the late 90’s and hanging out at the local spots with the BBoys and BGirls for just as long. This Brisbane beathead debuted his skills on the record in 2012 with his Love Drive Commission album, and with a few other releases in between he is now set to release his FolkUs EP on the 18th September 2015.

After a break from producing his own work Calski returns with ‘Attention‘. Featuring Melbourne MCs Sinks and Raven, the banging synth joint is a bonfide neck snapper.

The tech feels on Attention are a step out of Calski’s usual sample heavy comfort zone, expanding his repertoire with some stylish drum programming and vintage synth sounds ala Black Milk / Dilla. Sinks sets up the track with a charged up first verse filled with his trademark angst. Raven lets it be known he hasn’t lost a step on the second verse, flowing effortlessly over the beat, while Calski knocks out the finisher with one of his better verses on record.

To support the track visualy, the prolific and hard working Sinks produced and edited the video clip which is set in Melbourne’s Western suburbs.

We are excited to premier the first video clip from the FolkUs EP here on OzHipHop.Com, so without further BS, here it is.

Follow Calski on Facebook Here, on SoundCloud and FolkUs EP will be available on Bandcamp soon!