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Drapht Interview Exclusive /// 2003

G Force: Firstly, congrats on the new release. How long has this release been in the making?

Drapht: Thanks bro, it had been in the making for just over a year then it lied around for a few months gathering dust, I was hopping to get it out earlier but I had a few problem with the manufactures just shit that I had to learn and then just waiting on a few crew to come threw for me.

G: We have heard from you before through Hunter and Dazastahs album, do you feel that you have changed since the release or took a different direction with your solo work?

D: Yeah definitely changed since DONE DL that was the start for me, I didn’t really have the confidence or feel comfortable recording then, I needed to find my own flow, delivery, proper pronunciation with my word and voice , it was a good chance for me to get out there especially to start on DONE DL, I can’t listen to those tracks now though does my head in.

G: It is sort of a theme album, or at least has references be it lyrically or beatwise to a western theme throughout the album. Is this a character you adapt, the ‘Pale Rider’, the fact you are from the west, or is it simply cause you liked the idea?

D: It came from the old Clint Eastwood movie Pale Rider, then it just linked up with me being from the west and all my life being told that I have real pale skin by EVERYONE! Then started writing a few track around the idea gave some info to Dash and the crazy man Brought it to life with the cover.

G: The production is of very high quality and suits your style well, were the beats made specifically with you in mind, together with you or just thrown your way?

D: It was just me picking out of a wide dope selection that Daz, Fdel and Opt offered me. Any beat that I could feel and write to I would snatch them up and go crazy, then come back when I finished writing to em record it then Daz and my self would work on it till I was happy with the track but much respect to my man dazastah he had to put up with a lot of my shit day to day and then put a lot of his time into Down Syde and the rest of sbx on top of that. He’s a machine..

G: You have included a fuDrapht Pale Rider Cover Artll instrumental track by Optamus, is this to get his production out there for people to listen to or just something you enjoyed and wanted on there?

D: Yeah Optical Illusion was for a bit of a break, it was for any young crew that didn’t have any instrumentals to write to or rap over with their mates when they where out getting there booze on.

G: Still on production, the beats are very funky, head nodders. Being that a lot of latest releases have taken a more grimy hardcore direction, how do you think people will accept them?

D: Not really sure, so far so good but I didn’t really think about that I pretty much picked what I like, I love my dark raw hip hop that’s where I get most of my inspiration from but I also wanted to widen the selection of beats so different people could get into different tracks and if yah don’t like it don’t listen but you should listen!

G: Your lyrics are full of multi, metaphors and are rather complex. What influences you in regards to how you construct the format and how highly do you place these elements in lyrics?

D: I like to put a lot of time into my rimes there’s way to much hip hop out there where I think people don’t put enough effort into there raps especially OZ hip hop, but what ever floats yah boat..

G: Also within your lyrics there are a few graff references, do you still write?

D: not as much as I should be. Graff was what got me into hip hop but now I’m a slave with in a full time job I sleep , write, eat and lady liquor controls my weekends!

G: Flow wise you seem to switch it up a bit, using your voice to go from highs to lows. Is this also something you do on purpose to try to differ yourself from the norm?

D: yeah do it purposely so it’s not the same old monotone flows I like to change it up a bit make it a little more interesting so people don’t go to sleep listening to me.

G: The battle track with Layla ‘Uncontainable’ is insane, do you battle often still?

D: that tracks pretty much is just about me and Layla and our bad tempers. Never been a big battler I free style in cipher’s with mates at parties and that but not a big fan especially when half the people that enter Perth battles think they’ve come from the 8 mile video and hopping that they’ll get the next big break get signed to shady records and become eminem’s mini me. ITS AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!

G: Weather Man is also a highlight on the album for myself, Speaking on the current state of the country. What is your inspiration for other tracks and how do you go about putting together a track from idea to end?

D: My inspiration is every thing, every thing that happens to me to every thing that’s going on in the world, that we know about any way. a get a lot of my inspiration when some one give’s me the shits put my anger to some good use rather than tryna fight dudes or flipin out.

G: Sylabolliks, how you hook up with the crew and what do you see in the future for Perths finest?

D: I grew up with Armee and met Layla when I was younger threw mate of mine we all just use to roll down to this Monday night hip hop at the hydies met the rest of crew there and then Opt formed SBX. We all pretty much do our separate thing but have been meaning for a while now to get a SBX album out not gonna say when but it will happen..

G: Do you think Finatik should be on one of them shows where it has kids who are natural freaks at their chosen area. His being cuts, cause he kills it on the album?

D: finats a Robot, 16 years old and already better than 90% of the oz dj’s out there, a crazy kid.

I was stoked with the cuts he dropped on the album been thinking I might have to snatch the little fucker up to cut on all my tracks..

G: Anything else you would like to let the people know?

D: um, BUY MY SHIT.. PLAY MY SHIT. And you better watch out for Layla..

G: Cheers mate and congrats again on a fine debut album.

D: Thanks Bro!


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