Evil Ed Interview /// 2005

Q: Firstly, can you tell us what you were hoping to achieve with this release?

hi…um, I actually wasn’t trying to achieve anything other than putting out an LP, it was a logical step as an artist, I started out making beats for other people then had 2 EP’s of my own with guest MC’s on so an LP was the next level for me, I suppose I wanted to solidify my reputation as a solid producer and people tend to take you more seriously if you have an LP, like you really mean business!

Q: What is the UK scene like right now for someone with your skills? Do you have to approach MCs to collaborate, or are they kicking down your door to work with you?

The UK scene is very small really, I mean people who actually still like proper Hip Hop music and who have skills, there aren’t that many of us making moves, I know most of the serious underground artists personally so it’s no hassle getting people beats…whether they actually write to them is another story and also I don’t make that many beats so I miss a lot of opportunities like I coulda put forward beats by forthcoming LP’s by Klashnekoff and Yungun but I’m dried out after my LP, I mean not totally, I’m always making stuff but it gets snapped up and I never have anything to put on beat CD’s, I’m more like OK you want a beat, gimme a few months and I’ll try make you something dope, I don’t wanna give people any old shit and I do make a lot of crap, you only get to hear the half decent stuff on wax!

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your collaboration with A-Love from Melbourne? What did each of you bring to the track, and how did you put it together? Was A-Love in the UK at the time or did you do it via email?

A-Love came to the UK in summer 2003 and picked a few beats. She wrote to the ‘captains’ beat and recorded and mixed her vocals in Melbourne and then sent me the finished acapella which I synced up to the track, only it was a nightmare coz I use an old atari and the beat I gave her on CD was slightly different in tempo, like 0.000001 % or something and it was a fucker to sync it up, but I got there! I got my man Eddie Skratch to lace the finished thing with some cuts, Ant (A-Love) chose the “2 Tonnes Of Fun” cut from Wildflower (off the Skitz track) coz it went with one of her lyrics. I was buggin out when I heard her rhymes coz she shouts out “Eastbourne” where I live coz Eastbourne is a bit of a joke town in the UK known as a quiet seaside town full of old people, now it’s suddenly a hip hop mecca…actually Westwood played here the other week so it’s shaking it’s OAP image!

Q: You have a huge variety of MCs on the album, who surprised you the most with their contribution?

hmmmmmm…me! I suprised myself that I could actually make 16 or so decent beats! I knew all the MC’s and DJ’s on there would come off as I hand picked them as people I rated apart from Mic Assassin who just turned up at my lab with Tommy Evans one day and I thought his verse was good so I let him on the LP, apart from him I’d heard evryone else and wanted to work with them and nobody suprised me coz I had faith in them all.

Q: Is there anything you would change with the album or are you satisfied with the finished product?

I’m never satisfied! I’d cahnge the sleeve! The label went ahead and printed it without showing me the finished thing…I don’t like the back cover much, there’s a poster on it which is a blatant advert for the sleeve designer debut 75, you can see it says ‘debut’ and I didn’t like the poster thing much I thought it looked a bit messy, I woulda been happy with the tracks listed neatly in a nice text…also there were a lot of shouts missing, some real good mates got left off, I dunno what happened to the text, it may have been my fault….I woulda liked a better pressing, people say it sounds fine but I know the beats coulda come out a lot better on wax if there was better mastering and cutting etc. As for the tracks there’s a few I woulda polished a bit better and I would have left off or changed some of the skits and a couple of the tracks maybe, but nothing major, I’m happy with it as a first LP but the next one has to have more quality control…

Q: Can you tell us a little about how you go about creating a track? Does a rhythm or a melody suggest itself to you, and then you build on it from there? Or are you more methodical in your approach?

I start with drums usually and then add a melody…the melody is paramount to me, it has to speak to me and say “I’m a catchy motherfucker”! I want stuff that will stick in peoples minds when they here it but not lose it’s flavour too quickly, no disposable shit! So usually drums, loop, then add some shit on top if I can be arsed…simple!

Q: There is quite a variety of moods on this album; ranging from an enthusiastic party vibe on ‘Nico Suave’ to more relective moments on tracks such as ‘Great Expectations’. Are you a mixed bag kind of producer, or do you enjoy making dark beats [for example] more than happy ones?

I don’t like making ‘dark’ moody beats, I like stuff thats got a nice vibe to it, but I am versatile like all the producers I aspire too…I can do the raw banger and the more jazzy kind of flaves…

Q: Are there any artists who you would like to work with that you haven’t been able to yet?

loads! Roots Manuva, Skinnyman, and all my US hero’s, The Ruler, Ghostface, MF Doom, Kool Keith…all on one posse track would be nice…with Mixmaster Mike doing the cuts and Faith Evans on the hook!

Q: Finally, what is next for Evil Ed? Do you have any plans for tours or new releases?

I’m constantly touring…as for new releases I have the new 12″ “Black Stallions” feat. Kyza b/w “The Cavalry” remix by me & Jehst coming out next week, I also produced the new Conspicuous 12″ “Focus” feat Shaun Escoffery, that’s out next month…plenty more to follow.

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