Layla Interview /// 2004

G Force (G): Firstly, thanks for your time Layla. You have appeared on a few albums now, Done DL, Drapht, Straight From The Art, Hilltop Hoods Vinyl. When are we going to see a solo from you?

Layla (L): Im actually off to the UK beginning of June so im polishing the shit off now and droppin as soon if not just before I get back at the start of November. (finally!)

G: With this solo release what directions will you be taking. You are predominantly known for aggressive styles, be it battling or serious, there is always aggressiveness when you step to the mic, will this be consistent across the album?

L: Yeh I suppose to some extent. I think ide describe it as passion, heated passion. Ive had alot of shit Ive wanted to get off my chest and mind, and other shit has just carried through from an angry adolescence. If your gona say something and you mean it and really feel it then, well in my case its gona come out like that!

G: Being that you differ greatly in style from most female Aus emcees who have releases albums in the past, Mya Jupiter, Trey and so forth, do you think you will have a broader cross over appeal to fans of the harder style?

L: Man I dont know, everyone likes their different styles, if ive appealed to fans of the harder style then I may have lost fans of the softer style? I dont really think about that shit I just do it.

G: Do you think you will ever do a come back to some of the more sexual fuelled tracks within our scene such as “Nut Busta”, “Sex Fiend” etc. Are we going to see a female take on it all one day?

L: Haha…No. I got no pent up feminist nut busting action brewing inside of me, I’ll leave that one to other chickees, and as far as battling that goes, Im sure the fellas can stick up for themselves, people might start thinking Im a hermaphodite or some shit!Arhh.

G: Production wise on the album, who can we be expecting beats from and what sort of beats are you feeling for the album?

L: The one and only Lord Dazastah! and one from another SBX king Morter..and you know i love the dark shit. The beats are pretty diverse since its a full length 17 track Lp and as for the rest; your just gonna have to wait and find out!!

G: Collaborations on the album, will they be predominantly Syllabolliks or interstate heads as well?

L: yeh got most my sbx brothers dropping on it (except unfortunately for Matty B and Figure 8 as they’re not in Perth) then I got Knowledge and also Ciecmate and Newsense put down some dope shit when they were here. The final tracks im finishing are the collabs so hopefully we’ll get it together before i have to bail!

G: It has been bought up before that some people may be getting female emcees on their tracks simply to have one there. What are your thoughts on this and have you encountered anything similar?

L: Arh I dunno bout that one? Ive never encountered it and ide laugh if some cunt wanted me for that reason, its another bitch issue lets move on…..

G: Syllaboliks, how did you get involved and any plans you can let us in on for the crew in the future?

L: At the moment were sorta doin collabs here and there but mainly focused on our own albums. I know my next album im gonna do more shit with the boys (plus interstate) and we’re also tryna organise ourselves to drop a fresh SBX album, but you know how it goes, it’l happen one day it just takes abit of organising! Right now i got so much on my head before i go i aint even gonna attempt that too.

G: Oz Hip hop as a scene is predominantly male dominated, was it hard for you to get recognition at first, or was it the reverse?

L: Ah this one again. I just did it and went with it and didnt let it bother me, I expressed it in Its Only Me, I was recognised in some ways and judged in others, but have fucked it off as something that wasnt worth wasting brain space over,(or else i was just too ripped to notice)

G: How do you find it now, as the scene has progressed and developed as of late, have you found any change in attitudes?

L: I’ll just kill it and if heads wanna listen then thats dope too. I dont get into the politics or talk enough to analyse progression in certain areas or whatever.

G: You performed down here in Melbourne at Underground Sound and many people were impressed with the stage presence. Are live performances something you work on as an artist or is it simply a case of getting up there and doing it?

L: Yeh bit of both, Ive been a bit slack in the past. I think now Im finally finishing off tracks and have more to play with I can put together a tighter set. Its always better when you got your Dj with ya too.

G: A track you performed referred to a traveling story with some of your friends. I am sure many young oz hip hop fans imagined a few pillow fights however the trip to an outback rural town seemed a little different, what can you tell us about that?

L: Oh that was fucked up. I really cant explain that trip, I couldve written another 8 verses bout that shit and would never have captured the weekends true form. Im sure others who here the track wont get it but it was an experience I just had to put down.

G: Are you noticing different responses to your tracks, shows etc from state to state and if so how do the states seem to differ from an emcees perspective?

L: Well ive only been to Adelaide and Melbourne and I suppose the melbs audiences are a little more analytical but probably cos they get so many acts. All in all the crowds are rocking, dont know how ide go down at a kiddys show but…….

G: Well, good luck with everything. I have a feeling the album will switch a lot of minds on female emcees and once again thank-you for your time. Any shout outs or thank-yous you would like the people to know about, reel em off.

L: Firstly Ide like to thank God for making this all happen..haha

nah just shouts to my man Daza, all my fam and mates, Sbx, Obese, to the true heads and all the cunts who listen to me babble over beats.


G: Cheers.

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