Lost Soulz

Lost Souls Interview /// 2004

G Force (G): Let’s firstly have some introductions for those not in the know. Who are the Lost Souls, where are your from and how did you hook up to make the dope release that is “Conveyor Belt” happen?

Budsa (B): First and foremost bro Myself and Raven are from Chelsea and Edithvale about 15 minutes out of frankston. The Lost Soulz as a crew formed back in 98 when we were in yr 10 and it was your typical bunch of dudes getting wasted on all sorts of shit and rappin

Myself, Raven and Reid took it seriously and began working on tracks and concepts, reid ended up lashin on us for jiggy shit and eventually wound up serving the country in the armed forces cos he wanted a gun. By about 2001 we worked with 86 and made a little ditty called Toxic drops which is still floatin around somewhere, In 2002 we met DJ Perplex at Frankston street science recruited that cat and the end product became Conveyor Belt.

G: There seems to be a whole heap of dark lyrical emcees and producers coming from down your way including Field Trip, Phatty Phew and Autism. What is it down there that is brewing?

Raven (R): It’s a combination of smack and the finest peyote! Nah it’s not like we purposely try to be evil or anything like that its just that we prefer to have lyrics with an impact instead of floating around the beat, and always start a track with a concept instead of just spinnin shit or whinging. As a whole Hungry Humans just wanna do some shit that has never been done before and make sure that heads hear the noise we make.

G: The release was pre-empted with lot of hype from people who had heard you both before. What was that like and did it intimidate you at all?

B: Hype is something we try steer clear of but it helps .. I suppose the fact Myself and Raven hit shows up pretty heavy for the last couple of years let the name be known to people and the mp3.com shit let people hear what we were capable of without totally letting the cat out of the bag!

Intimidation is non existant the only time ive ever been intimidated was on a train one night when some smack fiend stuck a knife in my face and requested I gave him my jacket. Franga represent biatch!

All in all I think hype if there was any came about because people recognized that we had something to offer the scene.

G: I have spoke to you before Budsa about how I had thoughts that Raven may have come a little harder than you. When the album dropped I was pleasantly proved wrong, very wrong. Does having two of you does that drive you both to push it that little further lyrically?

B: Yeah we basically feed off each other whether that be criticism of one another or we get inspired by each other..

Im a realist and I was fully aware I had big shoes to fill to be up to the standard of my comrade but if anything hes been my guide through the years and ive had my eyes wide open the whole time and really been able to develop my own style, if anything I got a fucken long way to go still and ive really only found my groove in the last 12 months .

R: Quicker than any other mc ive seen!

G: Raven handled all the production on the album and did a dark fine job with it. How was the process of putting tracks together, were they written to the beats, vice versa, both, how did it all come together?

R: A dark fine job? Hmmm? Well I guess majority of tracks were written over the beats they were meant for. Speaking for both of us its always better this way because you can figure out the flow of the drum pattern and how to work with it lyrically. As for the dark part, I just dig that shit!

G: For those wondering out there Raven. What did you use to produce your beats and the processes you went through, being that there are a couple of instrumentals on the track, they are obviously of high importance to you both?

R: For this release and this will be the last I used reason for mixing, not saying that it’s a bad program cos its sick, but I now have an mpc2000 and make love to it every night. I did all the sampling from wax except for the drums which when you listen to the album can tell are from the program. Recorded all the vocals in acid through a Rhodes nt1-a. As for the instro’s I get a lot of inspiration from dudes like rjd2 and dj shadow so I thought I’d give it a go.

If anyone wants / needs beats write to Darkwing Productions po. Box 517 Glenhuntly Vic 3163

G: I must say also that I was impressed with the albums artwork. The cover is dope. Who was responsible for this and what inputs were involved from you guys?

B: Yeah the art was very impressive in my opinion! Exactly what we where looking for without telling our man too much. Wuz from the CI crew designed and executed the art and did a fucken mad job, Perplex is a budding photographer and took most of the shots

I went to school with Phlues and Wuz and originally had Phlues on the job but he went overseas and left it with Wuzlo and as you can see the dudes got a fucken head on those shoulders

We basically just rocked down to his studio and really didn’t have a lot of input cos everything was as we had visioned and there was no complaints or issues with anything he put in front of us. He was a pleasure to work with! Big ups WUZ

G: Why did John have to die in the end, he was doing so well?

R: I thought I’d get a bit Shakespeare and shit!

B: its his stupid fuckin Tutors fault dumb slut deserves to be hung who hands there keys over to a drunken reformed junkie,, john was cool I would hang with him and steal his shoes

G: Seriously, “John Doe” is one hell of a tale, probably one of the dopest story tracks I have heard. Where was the inspiration for this from and where do you draw inspiration for the rest of your works?

R: Just drawing from all kinds of shit that I’ve seen growin up and too much t.v. Not based on any particular one person that was I didn’t give him a real name. Im surprised that everyone is surprised that he died, I thought the name of the track would give it away.

B: I cant front in my raps I would be beaten down if I talked shit I like sluts beer drugs and violence its hiphop and I like it that way!

G: 5 Gentleman, insane posse cut with Field Trip and Autism. What was the vibe while recording this, was it like a “better than each other” sort of thing to a just go all fucken out?

B: Yeah going all out is the right way to put it, we don’t think where better than anyone it was basically time that all of us combined and introduced ourselves as a crew, I wrote my verse on the train goin to perplexs joint in hawthorn and if you know where Chelsea is you would know that you can get a lot written on that train ride.

G: Being relative new comers when it comes to actual releases, what are you hoping to achieve and what drives you to get your product out there?

B: I only want respect and recognition that im getting better and improving as an artist it does help to hear that people enjoy our product I suppose that drives me and the fact that we can do shows now, the only thing I like doin more than rappin to strangers is fuckin hot horny red blooded teenagers. Underage ones at that

R: Even though we just released this album a lot of the crew have been rhyming for almost ten years, so we don’t feel like new comers. Im inspired by hip hop itself, the prospect of being able to leave my dead-end job and make a living doin what I love.

G: So what are the future plans for Lost Souls, Hungry Humans and the rest of the fellas, upcoming gigs etc?

B: A launch is on the cards, im fuckin of to Prague for three months in july but the music wont stop we keep the ball rolling and if I happen to slow down im guaranteed to get a swift kick in the ass.

R: we cannot disclose anymore information at this point in time.

G: Well once again, congrats on bringing a high quality release to the market and good luck for the future and thanks for your time fellas. Any last words?

B: my cats breath smells like catfood

R: All hail to the pigmy mastermind

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