Mnemonic Ascent

Mnemonic Ascent Interview /// 2005

JS – ‘The Book’s Full’ has been a long time in the making. Was this always the plan, or just a case of waiting till it felt right?

We have been recording tracks ever since the last album came out but definitely waiting for not only the right tracks but the right time. Good things take time.

JS – ‘The Book’s Full’ feels a little more personal than ‘The Outside Inn’, with themes revolving around relationships popping up throughout. Is this something you deliberately set out to do?

I guess alot of the tracks that made it on the album were a bit more personal. We really feel comfortable working together and anything goes (topic wise). We kept ourselves open for anything while we were making the album, no limits. The relationship theme is a topic that always seems to pop up; I guess it is important to us.

JS – It also feels a bit lighter musically speaking, a little more upbeat and less moody in general. Is this a reflection of where you’re at personally?

For sure. Still moody though, it’s all about balance for me. Because there are 3 people involved the moods are always changing, this album is definitely a bit more upbeat but not necessarily in a dance floor way,I don’t know its hard to explain. When we were making it I didn’t really think about the tempos or the mood of the record. I think because we work in blocks of time i.e. 2 weeks here and 3 weeks there, it is impossible to pick up where we left off mood wise.

JS – Another recurring theme is representing yourself honestly, having your own personality, your own ideas etc. Is it important for you to continue that tradition of education regarding self awareness?

I believe that you never stop learning about yourself & everything else. Everyday passed without learning something is a complete waste. Our music is totally about representing ourselves honestly, otherwise there’s no point. Integrity is something that you will find in every song, whether you are listening to “just for you” or “let you down” we mean and believe in every word. This LP is something special not just some throw away entertainment. It really important to us to make music that doesn’t date.

JS – You’ve kept the collaborations to a minimum on The Book’s Full, are there any Aussie artists that you haven’t worked with but would still like to?

Heaps. I’m all about the Aussie artists. I would love to get Rene Geyer to sing a hook for Mnemonic. Also like to work with Daniel Merriweather, Art of War and Pelako

JS – I read that you guys had done a bunch of collabs that you didn’t think were right for this record. Any plans to release them in the future?

There is a crookneck comp on the way so maybe they will find a home on there. I would say that the songs we did with Koolism will see the light of day through one of the upcoming Party starters releases.

JS – How did you go about choosing which songs would go on the album, and what direction you wanted it to take?

We just felt that these song all went together, We would choose 1 song and that would have a similar feel to one of the others we had done like, “Nada subliminal” has the same sort of feel as “No curfew” and “just for you” and “Freezer” kinda touch on the same grounds also. Once we had the tracks somewhat picked it wasn’t too hard to linkup.

On one of the drafts we had “just for you” as the first song but just before mastering I flipped it to “in Here” I did this because I just wanted to start off on a different up beat note. I like how within the first 3 or 4 songs we have already traveled through a few of our styles. Diversity and doing it a little different to the average really played a part in choosing the songs.

JS – You worked with the UK’s Spikey Tee on this record. How did that work? Did you manage to hook up to record, or was it one of those long distance deals?

I got a call from Spikey when he was out about a year or so ago. He was looking for some beats and to make a long story short, we just clicked. F&d are currently working on an album with him for Crookneck, we have done 5 songs and about to get into another recording session in June.

JS – You guys are split across two states as it is. Working across that kind of distance is bound to have its problems logistically speaking, but does it make it more of a financial strain too?

Lots of phone calls, email and ichat. It actually works for us. As soon as we hook up in a studio together the magic happens not time wasting. As for a financial strain that would be music in general. But this is how the situation has been from the start so that’s just how it is, we don’t know any different as far as this crew is concerned.

JS – You haven’t done too many shows as a group in recent years, do you plan to tour at all for ‘The Book’s Full’?

I hope we will be in a town near you really soon. No confirmed date as of yet. But yeah we love doing the live thing. So fingers crossed we can do a tour, we did the Back Yard tour at the end of last year, that was fun but we weren’t doing any of the new song so we are really looking forward to getting out there.

JS – BVA, we’ve seen solo joints from Raph and Ransom in the past, do you have any plans in that direction?

I’ve been working on a project called F&d with my main man Funkwig. We are mainly a production team. The album has got a gang load of my solo tracks, as well as heaps of other collabs that F&d have done. I for one love working as a team with other people it gets me so inspired

JS – Raph, after the announcement that Corduroy was closing its doors, there were rumours going around that you had shown some interest. Any truth to this?

Yeah we had a look in for sure, but it wasn’t to be.

JS – Ransom, you’ve been in the game a lot longer than most. Early on, did you ever imagine that oz hip hop would achieve the level of success it is currently enjoying?

I knew that it would become more widespread but I didn’t know to what level.

JS – You guys have always had a very professional approach to your work. How do you feel about claims of a lack of quality control in oz hip hop these days, that there are too many people releasing product before they’re ready? Professional premature ejaculation so to speak.

You know I think as long as I have been involved with the music biz people are always commenting on the level of this and the level of that. If a product hits the stores and it isn’t quite up to scratch then that artist if they are switched on will either be like “maybe my shit ain’t ready” or “maybe my shit is over all these peoples head”, either way music is coming out. I know I have heard some good ideas and concepts on some less than pro recordings, but I used to love the old 4 track demos cause this was the raw bedroom shit. I mean if you want to put something out, do it!

JS – What’s on the books for Crookneck in 2005? How about 05/06:

Mnemonic ascent – 2lp

Pelako – 12

Jigsaw/ransom 10”

Alove – lp

Jred – Streets Ahead 2

Raph – lp

Party starters – lp

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