Complete, Omac & Sever are well known artists in the Perth Hip Hop scene and are members of The Psych Ward crew.

Also collaborating on tracks such as Seven Deadly Sins from Complete & Omac’s mixtape The Devils Resume and Psycho from Omac’s mixtape Nerve Damage which also features Sever’s brother Defekt, these guys always bring it on a track and never seem to disappoint the fans.

From the hard hitting punchlines to the unique flow from some of Perth’s best it is clear there will be many more songs like this on the way. Sever’s last released was his solo album Hooligan Lagoon, Omac’s new album Day vs Night will be released on September 23rd and Complete’s new album will be out sometime this year titled Death Rattle.

Facebook: COMPLETE

Facebook: OMAC

Facebook: SEVER

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