Intrusive Thoughts are a Perth Hip Hop group consisting of Reams, Sumoe, Tradegy & Uncle Sam. They have worked closely with many other artists in Perth including Rob Shaker, Ricky B, Billy HarrisPoets Laureate & Bfumez.

They have performed at various venues around Perth including Mojo’s, The Game Sports Bar, Universal Bar, The Arcade & Babushka. Combining their unique styles to form an original home grown sound, from the energetic delivery of Tradegy and clean cut style of Sumoe, to the crisp production by Uncle Sam and melodic sound of ReamsIntrusive Thoughts have a promising future and there is no doubt that you are just as excited as we are.

You can get their debut album here: Intrusive Thoughts

Releasing their debut album last year, the group have announced an up and coming EP to be released this year, starting the process off with their debut video by Akute Projects for a track off the release titled Friday.

Facebook: Intrusive Thoughts

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