Mr. Ruckman is an artist from Adelaide, formerly known as Kade MC, who made quite the impression on the battle scene, also working with many artists across Australia like Mary Ann Vanderhorst, Jace Excell, Allysha Joy, Imogen Pemberton & Simplex.

He has recently released his new album titled Sooner or Later which was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Mr. Ruckman himself. The multi talented artist has a knack for hard hitting punchlines, impressive rhyme schemes and an original delivery that makes his style exciting for the listener and as just as unpredictable as you could hope for.

Mr.Ruckman commands your attention, and had the full attention of his audience to deliver a blistering act” – Luke Warm (

Now he entertains us with a captivating video for his song The 27 Club which was directed and produced by the man himself as well as Johnny FreshJackson FrazerKonrad McCarthy.

Facebook: Mr. Ruckman

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