A Way Of Life – A Global Hip Hop Film /// Trailer featuring Hilltop Hoods

Travelling the globe to document Hip Hop culture and talk to not only some of the biggest names in the game like KRS One, Lord Finesse, Skinnyman, but also those that are living it everyday for the love, for the the hope, for the hustle. Not a bad gig ay? Well three dudes have been doing just that over the last three years, and the product is nearly ready. The Hilltop Hoods feature in this trailer below and the film, representing the Australian Hip Hop contingent. In this quick snippet, Suffa states that “…For the main part Australian Hip Hop is about partying, its stories, it’s like the early Hip Hop was in New York…” and we look forward to hearing what else the boys have to say about us all while on the global stage!


The creators are fundraising to complete the film and you can hit the link now to check it out. 10 pounds (yes, pounds) will get you the download link when it drops!