Complete has released a series of videos talking about Mental Illness, more specifically referring to addiction, anxiety & depression but released a video titled What is Mental Illness? outlining it as a whole and ended the series with a video about recovery.

He is a member of Hip Hop group The Psych Ward and has released 2 solo mixtapes titled Panic Disorder & Paranoia Prison. He also has 2 collaboration mixtapes, one with Omac titled The Devils Resume and one with The Psych Ward from when it was started titled Daddy’s Cold Fingers. He is currently working on an album titled Death Rattle, recording with Rob Shaker and releasing content quite frequently in the form of Facebook videos, promo tracks and the occasional diss towards Mc Donalds.

Complete has said himself that he has suffered from Mental Illnesses since he was young and wants to help others understand it and conquer it, he is even studying to become a Youth Worker. Here you can see a video from when he was younger, being interviewed and talking about what he is going through.

Video by Roy Husdell

His first video is titled What’s Depression? and explains what it can be like, as well as how it works and how to recognise it. Complete has spoken about this subject a lot on songs like Nooses & Notes, Daunting Demons with Defekt, Keeping Me Down with Bitter Belief & Kogz as well as songs like Reason To Live & Over This Place.

Apart of the blues is seeing red, we’re in a sea of meds, still it aint as easy as being dead, we see a threat about us and a tear sheds, while judging ourselves for something that our peers said

What’s Depression?

Posted by COMPLETE on Friday, January 22, 2016

The next video he released was titled What’s anxiety?, he has spoken a lot about this topic on songs like All By Myself with Bitter Belief & Sever as well as songs like Ready To Faint with Omac & Watch You Cry.

”Your mates that outta be super supportive say, its a stupid disorder you can just choose to ignore it aye? like you can just walk away? you think i wanna be stressed!? worrying about when my body’s gonna freeze next?

What’s Anxiety?

Posted by COMPLETE on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

He then released the 3rd video which is titled What’s addiction? and touches on that very subject which he has done before on songs like Falcon with Fluence & Dribbles and The Sound of Patheticness.

Then it breaks through feeding a rope, slowly pulling you in from your freedom and hope, the booz you drink and the weed that you smoke isnt exciting anymore cause you just need it to cope

What’s Addiction?

Posted by COMPLETE on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The next video he released titled What’s mental illness?, covers everything from OCD to paranoia. He believes that awareness is important and has been involved in many events that support Mental Illnesses and make money for charity. His passionate and skillful delivery shows you that you can turn negative experiences into positive ones by using an outlet such as Hip Hop to do so.

its the, anxiety, the psychs with notes, its the post traumatic stress and the vices to cope, the prices of dope, the ice thats in the pipe that you toke, the knife & the rope, the fuckin temptation of slicing your throat

What’s mental illness?

Posted by COMPLETE on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

His last video titled What’s Recovery? which end things on a positive note, outlining the process and progress of recovering from mental illness & addiction. Throughout this video series you can find out a lot about Complete’s struggle, as well as a bit about yourself, whether its relating to something he says or feeling something he’s described or felt. Its always important to know when it comes to suffering from mental illness, your not alone, and these videos are proof of that.

When your searchin for passion, and your struck with a sudden strength, you gotta rise up fuck what the others think, fuck a drink, fuck drugs and a fuckin shrink, you dont need nothing just run when the buzzer blinks”

What’s Recovery?What’s Recovery?

Posted by COMPLETE on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Complete has performed many times in Perth, as well as supported Kerser on his tour, and toured himself with Omac to promote their mixtape The Devils Resume. Next he is going on the Hell & Back tour in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria & Melbourne. You can find out more in our gig guide and catch with special guest Omac in your city!

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