Discourse from Crate Cartel drops long awaited music /// Album Announcement + Filmclip

Over a decade of Hip Hop history, including Humble Beginnings in 2005 producing the track Jet on Raven’s EP, to kicking off a long visual arts involvement in Hip Hop with the iconic Incase You Didn’t Know/Now You Know compilation from Nuffsaid Recordings, Melbourne Producer, DJ, Artist, Filmmaker, Discourse, has worked with the who’s who of Australian Hip Hop. Being heavily involved in his own crews work, he’s contributed to projects from Fluent Form, Maundz, Myk Reid and Geko from practically start to finish. Design, artwork, production, logistics, from websites to Australia Post runs, Discourse is the pillar of one of Australia’s realest labels, Crate Cartel.

He’s worked with renowned artists like Trem, Tornts, Bias B and more, and has helped foster the skills of other artists, generously giving his time and knowledge to assist in the development of friends outside of his crew, including work with Pang Productions for their artists and filmclips.

DiscourseWhat some would call a purist, Discourse can be found discussing the finer points of Hip Hop, dismissing whack rappers without a second thought, and never backing down from his opinions. You’ll see him behind the decks doing an unabashed DJ set playing nothing but heat, to touring nationally performing scratches and hype-man duties for his crew. A trip to Discourse’s studio will have you surrounded by shelves of records, meticulously cared for, a decade of show flyers lining the walls, and more production gear than there are plugs to give them power.

This first video The Martyr from his debut album titled Megalomaniac features the General, 750 Rebels man, Lazy Grey, and will be available on limited edition 7″ wax this Thursday the 11th February from the Crate Cartel website.

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Video Credits

Produced, arranged, filmed & edited by Discourse.
Available on limited edition 7″ on 11.02.2016 from www.cratecartel.com
Taken from the album “Megalomaniac” coming mid 2016.
Vocals written & performed by Lazy Grey.
Cuts by Discourse.
Additional Instrumentation by George Johnson.
Mixed by Phil Gektor at Phillsville Sanctuary.
Mastered by Duncan Stanbury.
Vocals recorded by Simplex at Simbiotic Audio.
Lazy Grey appears courtesy of Karsniogenics Records
Camera assist & location scout DJ Dcide