Well, it’s dope!

Enough Said!

Okay okay, I guess we better lay down what we know seeing as apparently that’s what we’re all about.

Who: MC’s Lazy Grey and Jake Biz with DJ Dcide riding under the 750 Rebels banner. Primary production is handled by Sean B and Lazy also smashes the boards.

Features; Verses from Delta, Ciecmate, Overproof Pete, Bigfoot, Bias B and vocals from Miss Brown.

We first got wind of Kold Heat and the epic that this Queensland journey was going to be last year when the mystery surrounding “Bring It To Ya City” started to lift.

Bring It To Ya City was a 11 minute short film that featured 7 original tracks throughout the film that ultimately told the story of Pig Man. It was previously featured on YouTube but for those who missed it if you pre-order KOLD HEAT from Obese Records now, you can get the DVD as a bonus, and of course can still purchase it directly off the Karsniogenics website. The first of it’s kind in Australian Hip Hop, the production quality is high with well known film makers Heata and Josh Davis making Bring It To Ya City an epic tale. Just check the details;

Kold Heat 750 Rebels Credit List

Next up is this banger of a track and film clip for Griz VS Biz which was promoted as being from the album KOLD HEAT but it looks like it didn’t make the final cut in the end.

Next up we were treated to PIG CITY film clip which is from the KOLD HEAT album and features Overproof Pete. Lazy Grey on the production for this one too.

Lastly, with the release of KOLD HEAT on Thursday, the fella’s have dropped three videos from a six part series that details the making of the album. Check the playlist below;

The Making Of KOLD HEAT

We’ve had this on repeat for the last week at the OZHH HQ and this is some real raw rap shit. We’ll be bringing you a full review on the album soon so check back for that.

KOLD HEAT 750 Rebels

To order KOLD HEAT you can pre-order with a signed CD from JB Hi-FI Here;

To get the Bring It To Your City DVD you need to pre-order through Obese Records Here.

and on this Thursday KOLD HEAT hits stores and with Obese Distribution you should be able to pick it up in all the usual retail stores.



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