If you like your rap with a metal edge, then Willis will scratch that itch. Formerly of Tavern Slander, he has released his solo double-album War Talk, filled with with diverse styles and diverse guest artists such as Kool G Rap, Kerser, and Celph Titled. War is the first single, and here’s the clip:

See? Metal as.

The album itself isn’t all riffs and screaming, with a selection of boom bap and melodic hooks thrown in too. If that’s your thing, you can get all 25 tracks in store or on iTunes, it features Kool G Rap, Kerser, Rates, Jay UF, Tommy Illfigga, Celph Titled, Reka, Gunt, Knox, Peeps, Fluent Form, Merc Mason, Sophie Gunn, Katherine Vavahea, Clare W, Anne Tolovae.

Check the FB https://www.facebook.com/willisgr for more details on Stockists and a cool comp he’s running.

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