Hilltop Hoods

Hilltop Hoods Drop track list for new album, single goes Platinum, and also asks you to work for free /// News

With the recent announcement of the the massive Restrung Tour commencing in April, along with the Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung album, it’s no surprise that the Hilltop Hoods single Won’t Let You Down featuring Maverick Sabre has just gone platinum (that’s 70,000 units for those playing at home).

What’s slightly surprising is the call out from a local Adelaide casting agency, Angela Heesom Casting, asking people to come down and work a full day in a new Hilltop Hoods clip, as “volunteers”. Oh, and you must be HOT!

(applicants MUST be SA based)
Looking for hot guys & girls, aged 20-35, to be extras in the next Hilltop Hoods Video.
Applicants would need to be available on Thursday 28 January all day, & willing to work as a donation of their time.
Email the following to casting@heesomcasting.com ASAP:
Name, Age, Phone, Email, Photos (headshot & full length, no hats or sunnies please – photos must be under 2MB), & confirm you would be available Thurs Jan 28.
Submissions due by Sunday 5pm (Jan 24th). Shooting North-West of Adelaide”

Editors Note: This has been removed from the original Facebook page but still lives on the internet elsewhere (the internet never forgets, remember that).

We’re sure many hotties around Adelaide would happily jump at the chance to be involved in a Hilltop Hoods clip, and we can’t begrudge them for that. We also don’t know if the Hilltop Hoods themselves are aware of this situation, they possibly set a budget for a clip and let the production company work out the details, but it does bring up the age old debate of paying people for their work.

The rule of thumb from the discussions we’ve been involved in and witnessed, seems to be; if you’re making money, pay your peeps!

For full disclosure, we have many volunteer contributors to OZHipHop.Com, they are the foundations of our online community and we salute them, but we also haven’t had a single go Platinum, nor an article go viral, and run at a loss (our fault, sure, but still true).

It’s a common play though, recently with DJ Raine Supreme being asked to do a free mix for “exposure” from a large company and igniting a conversation about it on Facebook. Little Creatures (beer) also ran a competition recently for graphic design work, again for “exposure”, when they are clearly at a stage where they could reward a competition winner financially. 

Being one face in a crowd of many in a Hip Hop clip, even the Hilltop Hoods, won’t get you the exposure needed for a budding actor or actress, and in all fairness they aren’t portraying that way, but it still grinded the gears of many people on the original social media post. 

On the flipside, we’ll obviously be seeing a new Hilltop Hoods clip in the coming months, and below you can check the final track listing for the Restrung album, which we are certainly looking forward to.