Ladies, Jimblah wants to Sing With You /// VIDEO

Elefant Traks artist Jimblah is outspoken on issues close to his heart, especially racism. Known for telling it straight, he’s always likely to give his honest and educated opinion on divisive and contentious topics.

Now, he shares his view on the women in his life, in his latest single Sing With You which he says is “Dedicated to our Mums, our Sisters, Cousins, Aunties, Grandmas, Wifeys, Ladies, Girls, Queens!! Not only for everything they give to us as Men, not only for their love, guidance, compassion, understanding, wisdom and strength, but for everything they are.”

Taken from his album Phoenix, the clip was filmed in Mont Park Asylum at La Trobe University, Victoria, and features a soulful hook by Zaachariaha Fielding.

Given the recent spotlight in the scene relating to how women are treated and represented, it’s really great to have an established and talented artist just stand up and say “Thank You.”