Kings Konekted

Kings Konekted long awaited Corrupted Citizens /// Pre-Order Details

Recorded over a period of 4 years, (2010- 2014) it’s been a long time coming, but the Corrupted Citizens LP is finally here. Pre-orders have just gone up online here and the rest of the details have been released.

This pre-order pack with the Tee is only available until 29th November (3 more days) is limited, and will be shipped on December 14th. The CD will hit local stores on the 21st Dec.

Tune into the all the social media tonight at 8pm AEDT time to see the filmclip for “Value of Adaption” put together but the Award winning Unkut team.

The digital, tape and yes, the wax, will be stagnated releases over the next few months.


Check out the Unkut Recordings website to stay up to date, also HOT TIP:  FTTOHNL Instrumentals on wax are still available at the moment.