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Kryptic reveals all on The Soundtrack /// New Release

KrypticMelbourne MC Kryptic released his debut EP last month, featuring US MC Copywrite, and a host of local MC’s, the album is a good piece of work for the young MCs first release.

Kryptic reveals, “‘The soundtrack to your life – Is it fast or slow? I’m no longer just a listener, I’m trying to write my own”  and it sounds like the it’s the statement, this is the catch phrase even, for the influx of Australian rappers. Not content to be a listener, so many people feel that they need to have their voice heard, but is this Soundtrack going to be the music of my life? Of yours? Well.

Kryptic’s single that was released late last year from The Soundtrack titled “Part Time Music” is definitely relatable to most musicians in Australia, a track about “making music on my days off” relates to all but the most successful Hip Hop artists, and as a recent university graduate the MC speaks on subjects that effect the everyday, have a listen and see if there’s a track or two in there for you to bump at this time of your life.

Kryptic – ‘The Soundtrack Album’ Launch Details For Melbourne Here


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