Mantra releases new EP Scene Four /// Available Now

OzHipHop Awards 2013 Winner for Best MC has just dropped an EP today entitled Scene Four. With three full lengths under his belt and a slew of guest spots, Mantra has dropped this EP in what we can only hope is an nice interlude before a new LP.

Mantra goes on to say,

This record is pretty different to the last couple. While they were quite personal and introspective, this one doesn’t take itself quite so seriously. It was really fun to make because I really focused on just fucking with wordplay and punchlines and crazy weird ideas and concepts. I’m definitely not trying to change the world with this record. Just trying to be the freshest emcee I can and have a good time doing it.

So if you want to hear how one of the best lyricists in Australia does it, then check this EP now.

You can buy over on iTunes or also available via GooglePlay etc. Keep up with Mantra on Facebook.