Speekup is Found in the Lost City /// Album and Film Clip

Speek Up The Lost City of Secrets Let us first apologise to Speekup, as when we first saw this album artwork by Japanese artwork by IllFill and read the flourishing press release talking about Nepalese influence we imagined something much more aligned with the current softer trends of commercial oz hip hop. Book, cover, judged. Sorry. Pleasantly surprised by SpeekUp he is way more Tornts than trash and is talking about a message. It shouldn’t have been a surprise really considering his inclusion in the Adelaide based Butterthief family.

While travelling SpeekUp connected in Poland with Polish producer Amos the Ancient Prophet and finished the writing and recording back in Australia with Dr Sacred Sound, Matchless Gift and DJ Snair all contributing to complete the projects scratching, production and mix engineering.

“…Forget your money, no love for your system, leaves people wishing for better living conditions…”

For $15 you can buy physical over at;

and it’s also available on iTunes.

Need to hear more first? Check out the first single;