Syllabolix Crew SBX

Syllabolix Crew Cypher – Syllabus 2 /// Film Clip

You only have to listen to the roll call of crews at the start of this cypher to know the calibre of MC’s that the SBX crew roll with, and the second instalment of the cypher series Syllabus is showing the new generation of Australian Hip Hop who came before, and why they get to claim legend status.

Emjay still having the funky flow while being a raw cunt.
Mortar on the meme burn.

Check out Syllabus 1 if you haven’t already over here.

MC’s: Mr. Grevis, Emjay, Bitter Belief, Optamus and Mortar
Beat Produced by Rob Shaker
Additional drums by Hi Hat
Logo design by Deej
Video by Tay Kaka
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rob Shaker at Shake Down Studio