THE ICONIC Film Clip by JayCee Featuring Naomi Rigby /// Exclusive Premiere

We love fresh talent, new tracks with a side of visual stimulus so… this may be the first time you have heard of JayCee. Making his debut earlier this year in March with his single ‘Vibe’, this independent Brisbane based lyric-smith is about to release his debut album ‘Identity Thieves’ (released 6th September).

Finally having the confidence to tell the world how he feels, Jay has discovered that he couldn’t be more sure of himself and his cause. The mantra of being ‘right’ of soul body and mind speaks to the informal attitude held by Jay towards a serious subject matter; his future and his place in the world. The song rides the line between displaying the wisdom Jay assures the world he possesses and the cheeky, childish nature throughout all of his music.

With Jay’s passion for words, it was an organic notion to put together a lyric film clip for his brand new single ‘The Iconic’ (produced by Sarah Robinson, Tall Poppy Productions). In the clip we see Jay with his iconic Stag head while hanging with Naomi Rigby, friends and about half of his family: Sam Cranstoun, Thomas Cranstoun, Claudia Cranstoun, Cydney Holm, Zanthea Chulio and Nick Radovic.

Here at OZHH we are excited to premiere JayCee’s lyric video for his most recent single ‘The Iconic’ off his debut album ‘Identity Thieves’.

Follow JayCee on Facebook here, and if you are in Brisbane, get down to the launch in the Fortitude Valley at the Zoo, Saturday 5th. Tickets available via Oztix