Urthboy Announces New Album, Preorders Up Now /// NEWS

The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat is the title of Urthboy’s fifth solo album which will be released in March.

Urthboy explains “This project was to be released in 5 EPs, with each covering a decade between 1950 and 2000. The working title was Decades and the vision was to give life to the relationship between the past and present. Just like a million writers before me, I dreamt up a beast so daunting, that I spent three years trying to tame it. Everything changed when I wrote my family into the story.”

Long Loud Hours’ set the tone; voted in at #33 in the Hottest 100; while new single ‘Second Heartbeat’ switches gears to summer, setting up Urthboy’s most intriguing record to date. The album is executive produced by Pip Norman & Hermitude with additional production by Nic Martin, Styalz Fuego and Rahj Jordan.



  1. Long Loud Hours feat. Bertie Blackman
  2. Second Heartbeat feat. Sampa The Great and Okenyo
  3. Daughter Of The Light feat. Kira Puru
  4. Hey Juanita
  5. Rubble Of The Past feat. Montaigne
  6. Running Into The Flames feat. B Wise
  7. Rushing Through Me feat. Bertie Blackman
  8. Wolves At Bay feat. Solo and Caitlin Park
  9. The Arrow feat. Timberwolf
  10. Little Girl’s Dad
  11. Wade In The Water feat. Jane Tyrrell

Preorders are now available from www.urthboy.com

The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat will be released on March 4th through Elefant Traks / Inertia