Lord Tomahawk


Lord Tomahawk is a Hip Hop artist from Perth who is a member of SBX and 1/3 of Clandestein, as well as his ability to paint pictures with his lyrics, he is also involved in graphic design, using his skills previously to create his own artwork as well as for other artists and their projects. He as worked with artists such as Vic The Bitter, Kogz, Maggot Mouf, Cynical World, Soma, Layla, Hunter & Defyre.

He has been active since Clandestien released in 2001, followed by Dynasty in 2003,  then Chasms of the Citadel in 2007 and most recently Weapons Grade in 2012. However, he released his solo album A Bitch Named Hip Hop in 2008 and it is regarded as one of the must have albums in the Australian Hip Hop scene.

Now, 8 years later he has released his second album Black Swan, produced by Rob Shaker of Shake Down Studios, also a fellow member of SBX, starting it off with the release of the single It’s Like That featuring Mortar. You can now get the new album on band camp or go to Shake Down Records.

Facebook: Lord Tomahawk