drapht pale rider


Drapht Pale River Cover

“I Hang them high, leave them more fucked that nymphos” – Hang Em High

“You’d bite my bars like they were made by Willy Wonka” – Prolific

Well Sylabolliks are making this their time in Oz Hip Hop, with Clandestines latest receiving critical acclaim and now Drapht hits us with Pale Rider. A debut that will certainly be penned in as one of the most impressive releases for a new(ish) artist. Appearing on Hunter and Dazastahs DONEDL release we got a brief glimpse of the flows that make Draphts release stand out from the rest.

Hang Em High is an explosive lead off track that allows Drapht to show us exactly what he plans to do, rip strong verses over impressive production. Drapht has a flow that gets your head nodding as much as the beat provided by Fdel does. With impressive wordplay, comical punch lines and verses that are well planned and structured Drapht leaves an impressive impression from the get go. The album doesn’t hold up either, continuing with verses and beats that grip your ears like Mike Tyson when he’s losing. It continues on the same path, however it takes various turns along the way. The soulful voice of Porsah Lane added to Can’t Escape and Abuse The World. Guests to appear on the album also include Optamus on the bee bop laced track Prolific. We see Perth’s first lady Layla destroy more mics on Uncontainable and Front Line. I have only heard battle flows from Layla, really looking forward to some diversity on her album. Hunter and Dazastah also feature on Front Line.

Production wise, the album has very strong beats. Provided by Dazastah, Fdel and Optamus the beats are catchy, very neck snapping and suit Drapht perfectly. Ranging from up beat funked out such as shown in Prolific and Observe (Remix) to a darker feel on tracks such as Abuse The world and Uncontainable. There is definitely something for all tastes here. The cuts shown by 17 Year Old Turntable Jediz member Finatik on Weather Man are extremely impressive and make the track a highlight of the album.

Drapht delivers verses that are well constructed and delivered on point every time. Packed full of creative wordplay, punches and a flow that is very unique and works well over the beats provided. Tracks such as Weather Man provide a good example of Draphts ability to switch up and address the scenes and worlds issues, from Selwyn to the final verse on the war. To get a concept of the flow you really need to have a listen, it is hard to describe, using the tone of his voice from high pitches and back down the flow is partly made up by this, the other by using multiple syllable rhyme schemes so that there is not much silence throughout any of the verses. It works, and it works well.

As a debut album Pale Rider delivers what could be well expected from a second or third album from an artist. A quality polished product that showcases Drapht as well as the production skills that Perth has to offer. A very tidy release that most people will be able to appreciate, be it for Drapht himself or the neck snapping production, most will not be disappointed.

Rating 4 outta 5 Hizarolds – perhaps a little bit more lyrical diversity is required.

HIGHLIGHTS: Hang Em High, Prolific, Observe (Remix), Weather Man.

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