Onyx – Triggernometry /// Review


OnyxHere we see the return of the gritty voiced Bronx boys Onyx. Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr join up with Sun-C to return to the scene as a new Onyx.

The new formula works at times however on an overall level it seems that perhaps the Onyx boys need some new formulas to effectively produce an album full of bangers. When they first came, they were new and their style was expressive of the times, now it is an overused formula that tires pretty quickly. However as said, at times it still works and works well. Gun Clap Music returns Onyx to its hardcore past over a grimy beat as they spit street tales. A definite head nodder that doesn’t let up at all, this is how Onyx should be. Then we see how Onyx have destroyed themselves from within,  JMJ, and Street Is Us are prime examples of commercialism ruining a good crew with R&B hooks and sub standard beats. On this tip Look Dog is the most annoying hook ever made.

It is a shame to see a crew that had such an original sound and knew exactly what to do with it go to such a low standard. Apart from perhaps two highlight on this album the rest is pure garbage. Combining this with every second track being parts of an Onyx interview in which they tell us how good they are and how they made hip hop brings an album that could possibly only get one play in your stereo.

1 outta 5

Highlight: Gun Clap Music

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